why is a diary not a journal?

diary not a journal

a friend revealed a breakthrough she'd had recently.  she admitted that she'd always struggled with the why of journaling. and, despite all that i knew about the benefits of journaling and wanting her to experience this beautiful connection of pen to paper on her own, even tho she'd tried time and time again to surmount the challenge, she just couldn't shake her aversion { that she now knows began in childhood } to the practice of journaling.

until the other day, that is, when she had a BIG aha moment.

that was the day she realized that what she thought of as journaling was really only recording in a diary.  in that one instance i knew that if she felt this way there were probably a lot more of you out there that also think this errant thought, lol and have probably experienced this struggle-to-journal dilemma as well { go on, raise your hand, there's no shame in admitting it }.

how do YOU move beyond thinking of journaling as complete drudgery?

= = = = = = = = = = = 

and what's a journaling revolution-er  { that's me! } to do but bring out the big hammer to dispel this myth, this yucky untruth.  oh you poor,poor souls who have this journaling thing backwards, help is on it's way.  but first....

what's a diary? 

a diary is place where you record the events of your daily life, usually chronologically ---remember those little red journals of your childhood that came with a lock and key? --- it's a list of what you ate and who you saw and what time you went to bed.  no fun right?

what, therefore, is a journal? 

a journal my friend is the perfect vessel to fill up with all your dreams  |  desires|  wants  |  needs|  thoughts  |  feelings  |  expressions

breath in


ok, let's try this.  i want you to close your eyes for a moment and let your thoughts wonder ....to anything AND everything.  no, go on....close your eyes for just a minute, breathing in deeply.  then answer the following questions.

what thoughts were swirling around, through you, within you?  what emotion and feelings surrounded you?   was your first thought your to-do list?  were you thinking about your desires for a particular object, thing, person?  or maybe you were thinking about what's to come in your life, whether good or bad.

THIS.  this is what a journal is for.

"Journaling has the power to reveal that which needs to be uncovered." 

a journal is....

   —  a place to inspire you every wish, thought, idea

   —  a place to record all your gratefuls & daily blessings

   —  a place to get creative { or messy with paint like i love to do }

   —  a place to let words and feelings wash over you to cleanse your soul

   —  a place to note the beautiful, funny, awe inspiring things your kids, parents, family & friends do

   —  a place to doodle or mind map or set schedules

   —  a place to safely place your heartwords

   —  a place to witness the highs and lows of life lived

   —  a place to figure out what | how | where to go next

   —  a place to write that LIFE list { what others may call a bucket list }

   —  a place to bear witness to the wonders of nature & the world around you

   —  a place to get in touch with your inner sanctum, your inner BE-ingness { yes. even this. }

   —  a place to seek ...and find your true, authentic, warrior goddess SELF

   —  a place to shout out loud ... to whisper ... to growl ... to smile ... to inhale breath and, most importantly, to exhale the wonder of YOU living life one moment at a time.

find your haPPy place inside your journal.

write your heartwords.

take time for YOU.


total love headed your way today,


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