How to make sure your values match your purpose

Let me hold space for you…me in my messy bits,
you in yours and let’s exhale together.

values_photocredit-nicole honeywill

A question for you….

What's the value you place on getting where you need to go?

Sometimes we come to a problem or temporary hiccup we’re encountering and haven’t a clue how to approach it far less coming up with a resolution to it; forever caught in the hamster wheel of running things without a plan of action or a way to get off.

Thinking about the bigger picture gives pause to the ever present fears that are filling your everyday thoughts…thoughts like those above.

So, what’s value got to do with this?


The values you hold give meaning to not only who you are but also to your why. This then greatly informs the work you do because your values contain your beliefs, your customs, your ideals.

They define what’s most important to you in terms of mindset and integrity and guides you toward a life filled with more passion and joy and on-purpose living.

Your values also become a container for, and give purpose, to the work you choose to do.

Years ago after going through my own year long deep dive to finding out who I truly was, and doing the inner work needed, I came away with a few things, my personal value set, the tethering points that ring true in everything I now do.

The following 3 words now describe my whole outlook on how I choose to live my life and show up in my business…

Light :: Truth :: JOY

Light: because it reminds me that I am enough as I am and that I no longer need be afraid to hide from or show up in my light.

Truth: because I’m choosing to stand in my light, I can now be my most authentic self and be true to who I finally figured out I am, warts and all.

JOY: because I am standing in my light instead of avoiding it AND living my truth, I am now open to experiencing JOY in the beauty of ordinary days as well as big celebratory events. I’m finding all the little pockets of JOY that I missed before I walked this journey unknowing.

I embody and hold tight these 3 tenets as I move throughout my day.

And, as I work in my business, I intentionally bring my values—these ideals I hold dear—to the forefront each and every time.

When I falter or when things start to go crazy or I when I can feel the beginnings of unnecessary fear creeping in (at something my inner critic think is fantastic to whisper in my ear trying to pull me off kilter or weaken my resolution) I remember what’s important to me…light, truth and JOY

Which means the chaos that can sometimes come in hard and fast and try to take hold of my day or my spirit, I don’t have to allow. I reach for and anchor to my tethering points.

Why these 3 for me?

Because these are things I realized I never allowed space for. I didn’t know know way back then that they were actually mine to grab hold of. I lived most of my young adult life in the shadows avoiding the light, not knowing how to be my most authentic self out loud.

So therefore joy didn’t enter into my consciousness as a thing I could experience on a personal level either. ikr!

Remember, your values become a container for and give purpose to the work you choose to do. 

Part of the process my clients go through when they work with me is to define a set of values they will intentionally choose to live by. Think of it as like building a lighthouse where they get to create their own beam of light so bright that they can’t help but be enfolded in it.

So then, the purpose of creating and defining their own set of values is so it can spread over into how you show up in your business.

These set of values will be a strong base from where they will start and follow through on. Plus, just like a lighthouse sends out it’s beam to guide ships at sea, their values will be a guide as they navigate any troubled waters they encounter, both internally (e.g. procrastination) and in their business (e.g. comparisonitis).

You might be thinking is that all? No, far away from it.

Doing this work for yourself is not to say that all will be well from that point on, but whether in the beginning or middle of a storm you’ll be able to look back at shore and see the foundation of the lighthouse of values you’ve built, check in with what’s important to you and use them as a beacon to guide you home to yourself each time. 

What is the value in getting where you need to go?

To help you stand strong in your purpose and firm in your mission and help you do the work you set out to do with integrity and a clear mindset able to get weather any storm.

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