What’s hidden in your emotional closet?

Lead with love. Heap on kindness. Bring in courage.


I remember, earlier this year, getting ready for some life events with my kids and found myself unable to do any productive work of any kind. You know, the kind where you know the task being worked on will get you further in one of your outlines goals or projects.

I wasn't really running on empty (we all know that that's a yucky energetic feeling) but I just knew that something was up; something my subconscious mind was holding on to but didn't want to clue me into just yet.

But dang, it was beginning to affect my every day,

Emotions are a part of the human experience. It helps us process events.

When we laugh, smile, cry, get angry or are just in a mood, these all help define our life experiences.

But, when you’re working in your business you don't need your emotions at the forefront of your mind interfering with and affecting how you work.

Thing is, when you choose not to deal with a thing or, in my case, when your subconscious holds on to a thing in the background, it's still there, affecting everything you do.

When your emotions are hiding just beneath the surface they upset the balance.

…they interfere with the daily goings on and, if not dealt with, they can certainly clog up the works.

This was my experience a few weeks ago. My works got clogged and my emotions took over, but I hadn't a clue why. It was only after the 3rd day of writing in my journal (a part of my morning ritual) and knowing that something was up, that it came spilling out.

I was worried about my son. He was due to to graduate from high school and like the crisis that came this same time in his junior year, I was holding all my worries in, instead of dealing with them or expressing them or talking about them.

My emotional closet was bursting at the hinges and the door was about to explode off.

Not a good scene that would have been.

My immediate go to for clarity and to help clear out the build up of emotion is to journal, to write my heartwords. So I wrote and I wrote and and I wrote. And on the 3rd day it revealed itself.

Problem wasn't solved at that moment but I knew what was holding on to a large part of my brain power/energy stores that prevented me from fully being present as I worked daily in my business.

You see, when we don't clear up the gunk, it eventually begins spreading into all areas of our lives and stopping us working effectively in our business. That my friend is not good.

So how to prevent this from happening to you?

Open your emotional closet and choose to deal head on with what you find there. Clear out the gunk, get clear on the next step actions that need to be taken and then, go and do them, silly. 

Below are a few ways to help you get to the heart of the matter.

— journal, write it out.  (head here and here for journaling how-tos)

— take a mental break, slow down, pause

— do some physical activity…work in your garden, go for a walk/hike/run

— put on some music and dance your heart out

— sit in stillness in nature or your fave comfy spot

— do some breath work (inhale slowly for a count of 4. Exhale. Repeat)

— talk it out with someone you trust, who won’t bring in judgement

— acknowledge it (sometimes we just need to say yes this happened to begin the process of clearing out)

— ask yourself what’s up, then stick around to hear the answer

Most times this pivot to concentration on something else will allow your mind to let that thing rise to the surface. These little nudges that guide your intuition will not steer you wrong.

I want you to know too that, like me in this instance, it might take some time to get to the heart of whatever’s going on, to get to the deep down root of it all.

If you need help, reach out. Your resilience team is on standby to help you manouvere through and deal with the stress and mess of it all.

Also, go inside, because this is where it resides. Find some quiet time to ask your soul self what's up and then hon, listen for her answer.

Taking a peek inside your emotional closet is a good thing. Doing something about what you find there is even better. Because you’re a badass woman who has things to do and ideas to bring into the world.

Don't let what's hidden in your emotional closet hold you back. Look inside. Go on.