What you might need instead of a business coach

Sometimes the work you do is external. And sometimes, it’s all internal. ~ Soul Nudger

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Note: This is a 2-part series. Read part 2 here.

As an entrepreneur your day is filled with all manner of tasks—small and large—that keeps your business humming along.

Every day you head to your workspace to start your day. You've planned out what it will look like, the tasks on your to-do list is headed with your BIG 3 right at the top of the page. 

Heck, you've even created a daily schedule to block out each day. You're sat at your desk and ready to get right into it and ......nothing. 

Zilch. Zero. Not a sprig of motivation.

You sit there waiting for inspiration to hit, for divine guidance to flow through you, something to spark the engine. But, yet again, you find yourself completely at a standstill, unable to step into your next whatever.

Your BIG 3 tasks are waiting for you to tackle them but instead…

  • you find yourself checking your phone, scrolling through IG or FB for the 3rd time.

  • or you start doing a task that's so far down on your priority list but you can't help it...it's fun or weirdly rewarding in some way.

  • or you receive a call from a friend or family member calls you’re on the phone for an hour, forgetting your work.

  • or you remember some household chore that needs your attention RIGHT NOW. 

Sound familiar? All of these and more are your go-tos when the I-can't do-what-I have-to-do thing shows up. You, hon, are in full blown resistance. 

THIS is what stuck looks like. Your mind is on go all the time, in a frenzied state trying to get all the to-dos completed but you’re unable to settle and start on just one thing.

So what happens? You get overwhelmed with #allthethings that are demanding your attention and instead of following through and completing them the opposite happens.....it just shuts you down instead. 

You know that this is no way to run a business, especially one that you’re passionate about. But how do you move through this?

What’s needed is a mindset shift.

A reset. A rethink on not only how you approach a thing but, more importantly, implementing systems AND practicing new habits to get them done.

Changing your mindset is not an easy thing to achieve. It takes perseverance and a certain willingness on your part to change the game, to rejig all the components that make up what you think about a thing (or yourself) in order to bring about a shift in your thinking.

Going forward will look nothing like what you did in the past.

Let me repeat that. Going forward will look nothing like what you did before. And, if you are truly serious about making a change, it has to start by looking at the underneath stuff that’s probably long tucked away and buried.

In other words, it has to start from within.

On my own self-discovery journey I had to come to terms with a few truths I did not even want to acknowledge, far less accept.

I had to break down my own internals walls and then work to build my own foundation back up, one that was sturdy and stable enough to withstand the stiff wind and storms of business that would come my way.

This ia what needs to happen for you as well because it takes getting to the heart of the matter of why you constantly battle yourself and remain stuck or unable to do your work. It’s about figuring out the root cause of your resistance.

And that’s the work I will help you do as your coach.

I’ll be your lighthouse, shining a bright light, far, deep and wide. As your navigator and guide on this journey into you. I’ll help you weather the stormy thoughts and under-the-surface stuff rolling around inside you to help you get to the other side of now.

How do you get to the other side of now? That’s in part two of this series.

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