What's holding you back from doing your most powerful work?

There is a piece of us inside ourselves whispering …listen, listen, listen.

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Are you holding on to a story about who you are in business?

Think about that for a minute. Who are you when you sit at your desk to begin your workday? Who shows up? 

  • Is she excited about her workday and rearing to go or apprehensive about the work ahead, unsure and unsteady?

  • Does she have a plan in place for achievement and success or is it a highly piggy affair, whatever happens happens?

  • What’s she saying to you, positive affirmations and ata-girl high fives or mostly negative speak?

Who are you when you show up in your business? 

Being able to answer this question is so very important because it’s not just about the value you put on the work you do but how you show up. It’s the headspace you show up in that also affects how you do that work. 

I’ve had multiple businesses for more than 25 years, the first 20-odd as a creative. I loved to make things with my hands so turned my hobby into a passion and that into a business couple times over.

Looking back I can tell you that I know I didn’t bring my whole self to the businesses I created, even though I produced great work.

See, I loved making. If you saw me in my studio you’d see passion and a love for my craft. I thoroughly enjoyed the making part of my job. I also loved ‘having a business” but can tell you today that I was not fully present for the business side of things. 

That’s because I believed certain things about myself. I wasn’t skilled enough (no art degree). I wasn’t good enough (others’ products were always better than mine). I wasn’t clever enough (marketing was always a chore). I wasn’t enough. Or so I thought. 

It’s why after 18 year of making quilts, traditional and art quilts, I quit cold turkey. The negative chatter was so loud, I didn’t believe I had what it took to have a successful career as a quilt artist. Yup, I believe that lie, even though I sold quilts, even though I won awards for my work. Crazy right? 

It’s the stories we tell ourselves that we mask as truth. 


What if that story you’re holding on to about who you are as a business woman, who you are as an entrepreneur, who you are as a giving soul, reaching out to touch your people…the people you feel called to help in your unique way, wasn’t the whole truth of who you are?

What if . . . ?

It then begs the question, who would you be instead? 

Me? I’ve embraced the whole of me. Recently, an insta story post is me dancing at my desk…for all the world to see.

Because I am enough, just as I am. Plus I’m funny and quirky and serious and giving and loving and mindful and present and…I am a damn good coach, a soul nudger (just in case you didn’t know 🥳)

And yes, I’m gonna toot my own horn and celebrate me because those old stories of mine don’t matter anymore. They ARE NOT my truth

Showing up in your business as a sentient human being, conscientious and aware, capable of doing ALL the things (well maybe not at the same time) because you know who you are on the inside and, in turn, it’s reflected in the work you choose to offer…


This is who you should strive to be, every dang day. 

Because your old story IS NOT YOU.

As always, a question….

Is it time to craft a new you, one more in keeping with who you are deep down inside, in your center being, your soul self? When was the last time she got to show up in your business? 

If you don’t know who this YOU is or what she’s about…..your 1st job, before you go any further is to find out. Start there.

With that knowing, and starting on a clear foundation, you then can build on the principles and values you decide matter to you, those you stand strong for. 

And, with a plan of action to keep her by your side, the hurdles you face as you work in your business will not be so insurmountable, and success, as only you can describe it, is yours for the taking.

Ready to work on that inner core self?

Ready to see who she is so you can embrace the whole of who you are, warts and beautiful bits and all? Ready to do this sometimes challenging yet oh so insightful work to find your brave and stand tall in her presence? 

Apply for one of my 90 minute Complementary Calls. Let’s talk about how I can help you see the person you truly are, so you can do the work you’re called to do, so you can show up more powerfully in your business.