westward ho ...as the saying goes

so we are moving.  we are moving to the west coast, us east coasters, to the pnw to be exact.  

this move is a long time in planning and finally the day has come, the house has been packed up, the truck has been loaded and the journey has begun. we will travel thru over 10 states, drive miles upon miles upon miles of highway, stay in 5 or 6 hotel rooms { pet friendly of course cause we have #coopthedog with us } till we reach our destination and settle into our new home.

i'll try to record as best i could but the plan is to drive all day and rest at night....so we will be weary.  all of us are excited...sad that we have to leave our family home { the only home one of my kids has really ever known } but eagerly awaiting our next adventure...in portland, the city of roses and the slogan i love best......KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD.

oh we'll definitely be right at home.  who wants to be the same as everyone else, right?.  "not I" we all chant.

portland.......ready or not, here we come!