Welcome 2019!

blossoms in sun.jpeg

2019 is officially in full swing!

Resolutions are being set with the intention, yet again, to stick to them.

Yearly plans are being made (who knows whether they will come to fruition).

And, as of right now, all eyes are looking straight ahead wondering what this new year will bring for us.

But, I'm gonna get real on you here.....

All we have is now.

All we ever have is right now....making choices for ourselves, for others, for the world we live in, one moment at a time. THIS is what I'm bringing into this new year. Making choices that, in the moment, are sound and make sense for my life where I am right now.

I can try to predict exactly what I want to happen in the future. For that matter, so can you. But when we hold fast to those being set in stone, they HAVE to happen just like you’ve outlined, well hon, that just leads to heartache and angst and judgement and upset.

Oh don't get me wrong, I will plan for the year to come but I will also allow for grace and compassion to step in when mistakes, plunders, forgetfulness and downright failures rear up...as they are wont to do.

Cause we are, after all just human (not omnipotent).

That said I have some fantastical things planned to bring to you this year and my fervent hope is that not only will you like what's coming up and feel invited to participate, but that the way I choose to serve you this year resonates with you on a deeper, heartfelt level.

My hope and wish is that you enjoy what’s to come, that you revel in it and, above all, that you want to participate in it because it speaks you too. Yup. THAT kind of deeper level.

One of those things I'll be doing is showing up more regularly in this space. Over the last year I have enjoyed writing these heartwords of mine, helping you see things in a different light (psst...that's my job as a mindset coach btw).

Mostly though, I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you by email and on Instagram or though a DM. I love reading your emails when something I write resonates and enjoy a quick laugh with you when something I do makes you laugh or smile. I enjoy engaging with you in the online spaces we share.

So please, keep writing and responding, letting me know not only what’s happening your end but also what you want to know more of from me. As well, when what I put out rings a bell for you in some small or large way.

And, in that same light, if you haven’t already, I invite you to sign up for my newly named Letters….The Lighthouse Letters. Why the change? Because of that deeper level stuff again.

My 3 touchstones I gained from my own self-discovery process years ago are LIGHT, TRUTH & JOY. Self-discovery is all about shedding light on parts of ourselves that were perhaps hidden from our own view, about coming into the light.

And, as a Mindset Coach, the work I do with my clients is similar to that of a lighthouse….shedding light far and wide on your journey into you, hence The Lighthouse Letters (newsletter is far to clinical don’t ya think?).

So find a time, if you haven’t already, to welcome in the new year. Light a candle…and journal. Or get quiet in your fave comfy space….and just listen. Then take some time to plan and strive to implement the ways in which you want to show up for yourself this year.

This is how we, you and I will move through this year, full steam ahead, ready for whatever comes..

Happy New Year!