is it time for you to take up more space?

Take Up Space

"T A K E   U P  M O R E   S P A C E "

i read these words the other day and it immediately got me to thinking.  do i intentionally take up space?  for some this might mean to hog the whole dance floor or shout over everyone else or push thru to the front of the line.


that is so not what i mean.  taking up more space is definitely more about claiming your space.  being who you're meant to be, bravely and wholeheartedly and with as much grace as you can, despite the heebie jeebie jumble going in inside of you.

for as far back as i can remember i've made every effort to make myself invisible

■  hiding behind the sofa to listen to the adult conversation  ■ ■  choosing to go last every time cause first was always so scary  ■ ■  not stepping up & shining my light when i should've roared instead  ■ ■  not owning my perfectly imperfect story with more courage and bravery  ■

not any more tho. why? cause now i choose to...

T A K E   U P  M O R E   S P A C E

i mean it.  how else are you going to do the magical things you were put on this earth to do without taking up more space—first, to find out what that magical purpose and intention is and doing it { yeh, totally simple right? }  and you know what that means don't you?  you need to take up space cause someone out there is waiting to see you and feel and experience you and all your wonders.... you beautiful Soul you.

yes, you.

T A K E   U P  M O R E   S P A C E

and you'll find that as you do you become stronger, and more confident, and more of who you are, at the core { check out this post about how i do just that }.

now go on...

T A K E   U P  M O R E   S P A C E

it's not easy, but, my oh my is it so, so necessary.  because playing it small doesn't serve you.  and it certainly doesn't serve the world.  so c'mon, go BIG.

i believe in you.