week of journaling

recording the best days is oh so much about SELF-love

it's day 2 of SELF-love February!  today i'm going to answer the 1st prompt in my FREE pdf* and that is...

what was the best thing that happened today?

officially this best thing happened yesterday but since i wrote that post already { 5 words that describe your YOU-ness } i'll use it for today's post.

i talk to my younger sister { a fantastic wedding and events specialist btw! } about once a week.  she lives in the bahamas where all my family still lives so our phone calls are a must to keep me connected to home.

Me and My Sis

so what was so darn good about about yesterday?

after talking and catching up for 1½ hrs we somehow got on the subject of cartoon characters and started assigning one to each of our family members. now you know that that means we'll be up to no good from here on out right?  yeh...you get the picture.

so it started of with "you know so and so reminds me of scooby doo".  and that began the ball rolling.  the more characters we came up with the more we laughed until neither of us could talk and were gasping for breath cause we just could NOT stop laughing.

i have to tell you, i have not laughed like that in ages and, because we know each other so well, all we had to do was say just one word and that would have us peeling off with endless laughter again.  we must have gone on for a full on 15 minutes this way until we said "no more!"....the rest of the family members will have wait to be assigned a character cause or else our sides would split at any moment.

THIS, people, is SELF-Love ....and the fact that i got to share it with my sis and, as a bonus, released a bunch of endorphins that had me relaxing and not thinking about some issues i've been dealing with recently.  priceless.  couldn't ask for a better way to spend some time.

oh laughter.....you were the perfect salve for a week that has only just began.  thanks Universe.



* if you are just joining this "begin the journaling journey" now check out this post for more info on this month of SELF-Love in February!