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a journal addict confession


well, well, well...... my name is grace and i confess, i am a journal addict.  i own a whole bunch { no, i mean really a lot }.   it all started when i was 12 and received my first journal.  mine was red and it had a lock.  yeh, i had one too right, or something like it?  i think every one had one of these.

btw....i came across mine the other day.  oh boy the musings of a 12 year old!

My 12 yrs Old Diary - journal addict

i remember not wanting to write in it in the beginning.  mainly because i knew my little brother was waiting in the wings to grab it and start reading it out loud to the whole world.  i know this how?  cause i saw his non-poker face when i brought this bright red, life chronicle home.

so i waited him out, sorta, and then began writing my 12 yr old hormonal heartwords down in that book.  i must have abandoned it early on because entries abruptly stop at one point and i don't remember what i went to after that.

i might have gone to school notebooks cause i do have loads of those filled with my musings.  maybe i was trying to trick my nosey trickster brother so he wouldn't read it,  you know...hide in plain site kinda thing.  ha!

over the next years i wrote  in my journals on and off, thru most of my 20's.  the next set of journals i remember keeping, and that i still have, were those i wrote in when hubby and i moved to nc.

those were trying times because we had no family near us { his in england, mine in the bahamas } and 2 small children, aged 6 mths & 2½ yrs.  i remember writing thru tears sometimes, pouring out my sorrow at one thing or another.

i still love to journal my heartwords

i journal more regularly these days and, over the last few years have added other types of journaling to my repertoire..... art &  visual journaling, creating lists after lists of "grateful"s and recording quotes and inspiring words i come across { i still keep a journal just for capturing quotes and words that move or inspire me }. another way i journal is to sometimes collage those words and magazine images in my "Yes, This." composition book.

the journal writing i do these days is more about my life and feelings and ideas and lists and following prompts, so much less about my sorrows—which i still experience but, thankfully, on such a scaled down version.  this i think is due to the fact that i live my life so much more authentically and am more in tune with my inner be-ingness.

"Being able to let things go & not hang on to the angst is the one of biggest hurdles journaling will help you overcome." username="kgracehowes"]

what about you?  what do you journal about?  

how has it helped it you move through your day,  a week, your life?  leave a comment below and let's have a conversation.



| Did You Know |

....that a shop journal update will be happening next week? Woohoo!!! ...more spaces to hold your heartwords.

....I'm starting something new { one of those "just because" things y'all }.   With every shop journal update I'll also be emailing out a 10% off coupon to use on any item in the shop.   If you're already a JOY Love Tribe member you'll get the discount automatically. If you're not a JLT member yet, sign up here and get in on all the goodies!

....there's something new in the works for the journals I'll be making going forward. More info about this coming up in the next "Updates & Happenings" newsletter.

Visual Journaling #4

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"][fusion_text]how are you doing with your visual journal?  i try to get one completed each week. sometimes that plan works and sometimes it doesn't, lol.  the photo i based this page spread about happened a few weeks ago.  we had just moved into our new space and boxes were everywhere. you'll notice when you watch the video that the elements i used on the page did not coordinate with the photo but that's okay.  it's not about making things look pretty.  i used them as the backdrop for the pic but also created a space to journal about it.

choose 1-3 photos you've recently taken and imagine the story you want to tell about it.  grab your journal, a few pieces of cardstock or pages from a magazine, some paint, a glue stick, you imagination and have at it.  enjoy the process.

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Visual Journaling #4






Visual Journal #3

here's a short and fun visual journal video about a special day our family had last weekend.  we got keys to our new apt and even before we moved the all our furniture in we brought our dining room table "home" and invited friends over for a curry nite.  nice way to christen our home and welcome in the good vibes with family and friends.






and just like that,

Red rose - Shop is Open

.....the shop is OPEN!  Woohoo!

as many of you know i'm a bookbinder at heart...i love the whole process of creating vessels for you to pour your heart into.  so of course the star of the shop re-launch has to be a journal.  my handcut, hand stitched, vibrantly colourfulBooklets will be jam packing the virtual shelves.

last week on the blog i shared a couple videos on visual journaling and a post on writing your gratitudes, both showcasing some of the ways you can use the Booklets.

on monday i recorded a 3rd video, this one on bullet journaling, a daily planing and task management process { from ryder caroll } that has saved my sanity these last few years, especially leading up to the shop launch.


now that you've watched this ingenious way to use a booklet journal, head on over to check out all the goodness in the shop.  find 1 or 2 { or perhaps 10? lol } that appeals to you and purchase.  i'm awaiting your email to let me know it's time to head to the post office.

plus, don't forget i'm also doing a grand re-opening giveaway but, in order to participate,  you must be a member of the JOY love tribe { use the form below to sign up }.  i've had so much fun pulling together this basket of giveaway goodies, from art & journaling supplies to original artwork and more.  you don't want to miss out!

now go on.....go do some shopping.  it'll make both you and me happy.

thanks in advance,


how to use a visual journal + visual journaling #2

the shop re-opening is 1 week away!


i'm so excited and i'm so very nervous....and, and, and my new booklets journals ARE the star of the show.

these booklets are filled with 48 pages of 28lb paper, perfect for writing AND visual journaling and that's exactly what i wanted to show you in the next couple of weeks ...ways in which you can use them.  today i'll be doing some visual journaling.

what's a visual journal?

[bctt tweet="Visual journaling is just what it says...journaling with pictures and/or collage to tell your story. " username="kgracehowes"]

as a mixed media artist { see me working on some pages here } i still enjoy the collage process and combining it with my journaling i get to be creative in my practice and, the perfect place to do some visual journaling, is in my new booklets.

communing with nature

one of the things we as a family always like doing is visiting local state parks to walk the trails. it was such a  beautiful day with no rain in site.  i can't do much walking {complications from a foot surgery a few years ago } but when i can i'll walk until i can't.

funny how it took a bit of "persuading" on our part to get #coopthedog up on that stump for a pic but the minute we sit on a bench to snap one of us ....notice how he has no probs photobombing us.  ha!

totally loved this day and wanted to record a bit of it so here's a video of visual journaling in action in a booklet journal of course { p.s. i talk more about the paper i use for the booklets in the video}.

i've made many, many journals over the years but these simple booklets with covers that are fun and colourful make me so happy!  I hope you have fun meandering through yours as you tell you own stories in its pages.

see ya in a bit with more ways to use your booklet.