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3 steps to creating spectacular ordinary moments

recently i gathered with friends to work on our vision boards for 2016.  ho'o, our host/planner, started us off with a visualization as she walked us thru a story that rang so true, individually for each of us even tho we had totally different experiences.

ordinary moments into spectacular

as we each sat with our eyes closed for most of the visualization, the first thing i remember that came to me immediately was a bright light.  and for me, THIS IS BIG because over the last few years i've been making a more conscious effort to shine my own light and to think that this 2016 visualization is manifesting as me in light instead of in shadow was brilliant.

3 Steps from Ordinary Moments to Spectacular Days

once again, in this 15 minutes of quiet meditation where we were being guided to see what we want, what we need, what we will make manifest this year for our businesses, the ordinariness of our day progressed to extra ordinary heights by the time we concluded.

which is what led me to writing this post......

how can you turn an ordinary day into something more spectacular?

pay attention

that's right.  1st....become more aware.  ever so simple right?  it can be the most transformational yet, at the same time, be so flipping elusive.  the thing to do is, as you go about each day be mindful of your presence, be mindful of your surroundings, be mindful of your thoughts,  be mindful of others.  in this one activity the ordinary we encounter can become the profound.

e.g.  for 5-10 minutes sit and watch a child play.  i mean really watch.  observe how the outside world has little bearing on their interactions with their toys, the dog or a cardboard box.  they are keenly and only aware of themselves and this object that has their attention.

they are more aware in those moments of their intentions and attention but most likely are clueless to this because they don't have the reasoning capabilities just yet.  as an adult however, you do.  becoming more aware is a skill you can master.

let the little things go

things get our goat.  they stick in our craw sometimes.  they try our last bit of patience and before you know it our energy is sucked dry by something so inconsequential that if you look back you'll wonder why the thing bothered you so in the 1st place.

let go little bird, let it go.  in choosing to let the small things go you open up all sorts of bigger possibilities { ahhh..... } and allow for more moments of awareness, the kind of awareness that can change your day from bummer gloomy to outright sunshiny and bright or peaceful and content.

for those of us who have not yet made it a practice of letting go { me included sometimes.  shocker right? lol  }, it's hard to push past that stick-in-craw stuff but ...and a BIG but here.....being concerned with the whys and hows of any given situation, the he said/she saids that go on not to mention all the "crazy" people who you have no control over anyway, all of this is sooo darn counterintuitive to being aware and living a more mindful life.

take a B R E A T H right here.  yes!

{ plus you'll miss the darn beauty of those sweet ordinary moments }.

and lastly....

create space for extraordinary to happen

by damn this is a good one!

in a nut shell this means Living. In. JOY.'re not walking around with a silly happy grin plastered on your face, nor does it mean denying the reality of a situation { sometimes we need to accept and move on people! }.  making space for the extraordinary in your ordinary day means being real with yourself and keeping an open mind despite the crazies that can occur.

if all you ever do is complain or see things from a downward perspective then imagine what you're telling the Universe.  ick!  instead, be open for the possibility of extraordinary to occur.  and then when it does, smile, say thank you, enjoy your special moment and then tuck it in your pocket { or write it in your journal }.

3 small steps that can bring more awareness to you everyday life.  how brilliant is that!

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