Craving Stillness.

Almost every morning this year I’ve written a page of thinking. A page that had me sitting in my head for just a few minutes to go inside and query, to search, to gather what came before so I can start my day. It’s like a clearing out of what was, in order to allow the new, space to show up. This is stillness.

the stillness of ordinary days

Stillness of Ordinary Days

some days are just ordinary don't you think?  you wake up, prepare for the day and then you begin. task after task you complete, almost by rote, then another and another as each new day rises up to greet you.

how many of us go thru the same routine...

of waking up, prep for day, work, then home, family/house obligations, only to plop into your bed at the end of the day, totally exhausted with no idea of the activities that made up your day or, for that matter, how these same actions might have contributed to your tiredness or your it's-been-a-good-day feeling?

if you had to think about it...what did you do today, yesterday to appreciate the day?  i'm not talking gratefulness per say { altho being grateful should always be a part of our everyday } but rather, were you aware of the ordinary moments of your day?  i truly believe that without these ordinary moments that make up our day to day, the special ones wouldn't be as special, right?

in this month's newsletter { to sign up for the JOY love tribe news click here} i wrote about the stillness of ordinary days and that's how the month of march got it's theme.  this month we're celebrating our ordinary days.  not in a big way mind you, just being more aware of the days in our life and being mindful of their extra-ordinary beauty, their quiet stillness and the ease in which we travel thru...with...and in between them.

today let's give voice to all those ordinary activities that we probably sometimes take for granted but happen regularly throughout our day.

one of my favourite bloggers { for her extra-ordinary wit and charm of course in being just who she is } cathy zielske writes regularly about it in her present participle know, the -ing list.

what ordinary things can you notice as you move through your day?

those -ings that make up every part of what we do to live our lives.  today, this is what i want you to journal about.  let your journaling take a different avenue ......let's skip on down the -ing road this time.

let me start.

thinking about my girl as she embarks on the first of her many adult adventures. she's away for a whole month on her very 1st business trip.  my heart aches because the letting go completely will be soon upon me, but my heart also smiles cause i know she is ready .....and is about to soar.

pondering next steps for me creatively, adjusting my sails as the year continues to bring new paths to walk.  loving this adventure i asked the Universe for.

processing an event that occurred recently that had me stymied ...and hurt, knowing i deserved better than was given to me.  after letting it stew i see where my misstep happened...ego showed up where trust and intuition should have.  always, always trust my gut.

needing to do more exercise but letting procrastination takeover,  ugh. it will come.  i know that forcing myself to exercise leads me in the total opposite direction after a few days.   trust me, lol.

using my planner more effectively these days makes this girl very, very happy indeed { might have to do a post about what's working for all you planner addicts like me }

so go on.....

Let the ordinary in your day take on a different glow ...maybe even a smattering of wonder
— Grace

toodles y'all



btw....  to make this journaling prompt even easier, i created a free downloadable pdf { access in the JLT member library } with a slap-happy bunch of -ing words so you can start journaling right away.  how fantastic right?

The -Ing Factor Printable
The -Ing Factor Printable