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living in the light

living in the light

one of the things i know for sure is......i always have to be true to my voice, my truth and stand in my light.

i am a journaler, and my journals are where i hold space for the words and the art and the ideas that matter to me so that i'm always living in the light rather than hiding in the dark.

i have a few journals where i create art { my art journals }, a couple of journals where i write my heart-words { to work thru issues and record my gratefuls } and then there's this virtual space, my blog, my public journal where i journal about creativity and business and laughter and everyday life,  a space where i choose time and time again to shine my light { altho hard this might sometimes be }, a place i get to share ME with YOU.

i started blogging years ago, { btw, this link is a hoot } at first because i wanted to share my work.  at that time i was an art quilter and loved the audience i built.  over the years i have made some wonderful cyber & in-person friends who are brilliant textile artists { susankarenwho are 2 very cool peeps } and, even tho i'm a mixed media artist now, this space has remained true to who i am as an artist and as a person whose touchstones remain....

light,   truth    &     JOY

yesterday i wrote a post about the new workshopthat i'll be teaching in ... SPECTRUM and......i have to tell you, i am blown away by the beautiful and heartfelt comments old and new friends are leaving and also by the release of control i'm hearing in these words to finding one's path to creative spirituality and development.  you guys have made my heart smile ...WIDE.


i am now working on the content for SPECTRUM workshopand knowing that what i'm create for YOU to enrich your creative spirit and that you are ready to embrace it all makes working on this so much more satisfying and brings much JOY to this heart of mine.

T H A N K   Y O U.



...to read about and enter the giveaway go here.

....to sign up for this beautiful workshop go here.

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SPECTRUM give-away!

can i just say oh.em.gee.  late last year i was asked to be a guest teacher in this... a beautiful, awe-inspiring, 22 week long workshop.  i jumped at the opportunity but had to keep it under wraps for a bit while hali set everything up.  well now it's time to broadcast it to the world.  woohoo!  

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about the workshop

SPECTRUM, an online holistic-creative workshop organized by hali karla of hali karla arts is going on its third year!  there are 20 NEW featured teachers in SPECTRUM 2016  { including moi! } and more than 20 returning contributors offering a variety of workshops, inspiration and invitations { see list below }.

this spectacular workshop is intended to empower, nurture & celebrate your innate creative expression, start you on a healing journey if needed and move to enhance your personal development.  each participating teacher, bringing her perspective to this offering, will use one of the following themes:

Forgiveness  |  Shifting Perspective  |  Navigating Uncertainty  |  Integration  | Alchemy   Connecting with Nature  |  Honoring Body  |  Trusting Joy  |  Expressing One’s Truth

pre-registration for SPECTRUM 2016 officially opens on February 1, 2016, with the workshop beginning May 2.

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~ to learn more details about SPECTRUM, including all of the contributors and workshop offerings for this course click here ~   

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now to the giveaway!

i have one spot to give-away to a lucky winner for the january blog-hop.  to enter this GIVEAWAY do the following:

  1. sign up below to begin receiving my newsletter { bonus....you get my FREE journaling pdf }
  2. share this link  http://bit.ly/SPECTRUM2016-gh on your favourite social media to let everyone know about this fantastic workshop!  { feel free to tag me! @kgracehowes }
  3. leave a comment below to let me know where you shared it and why you want to win
 { note: this giveaway is now closed but you can still use the link to sign up. look for a 2nd giveaway happening in April! }

remember to bookmark this page { or this link } so that you can check back to see if you've won my give-away or to sign up just as soon as it goes on sale.  i will announce the winner  here on February 1, 2016

{ note:  as a contributing artist, by using my affiliate link to purchase the workshop i will receive a portion of the registration fee as compensation for the workshop so please let your friends know to use my link provided here.  thanks!  }

below is a list of the other teachers for the Spectrum 2016 blog-hop with the dates their give-away goes live.  you can visit their website to enter their giveaways as well.  enjoy the blog-hop, good luck on the give-aways, and  see you in may for SPECTRUM 2016!

toodles, G

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Spectrum Teachers { links are clickable }

13 January: Hali Karla http://www.halikarla.com/blog/

14 January: Andrea Schroeder http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/blog Angelique Arroyo http://schoolformedicinewomyn.com/

15 January: Bebe Butler http://www.bebebutler.com/ Beth Morey http://www.sheofthewild.com/

16 January: Briana Goetzen http://www.orangespiralarts.com/ Carissa Paige http://carissapaige.blogspot.com/

17 January: Cat Caracelo http://catcaracelo.com/ Catherine Anderson http://catherineandersonstudio.blogspot.com/

18 January: Chris Zydel http://creativejuicesarts.com/ Effy Wild http://effybird.com/

19 January: Elloa Atkinson http://www.elloaatkinson.com/ Grace Howes    http://www.redbarn-studios.com/

20 January: Gretchen Miller http://www.gretchenmiller.wordpress.com/ Kara LC Jones http://motherhenna.blogspot.com/

21 January: Kelly Johnson http://www.wingswormsandwonder.com/ Kitty Oppegard http://handoverheartstudios.blogspot.com/

22 January: Kristal Norton http://kristalnorton.com/ Lisa Hofmann http://dandelionseedsanddreams.blogspot.com/

23 January: Lisa Wilson http://www.beingbreath.com/ Lucy Pearce http://dreamingaloud.net/

24 January: Malini Parkehttp://www.maliniparker.com/ Meghan Genge http://www.meghangenge.com/

25 January: Melissa Harris http://www.melissaharris.com/ Michelle Turbide http://michelleturbidestudios.com/

26 January: Petrea Hansen-Adamidis http://www.arttherapist.ca/blog Rachael Rice http://rachaelrice.com/

27 January: Robin Hallett http://www.robinhallett.com/ Shelley Klammer http://intuitivecreativity.typepad.com/

28 January: Suki Ciappara Ka'Pinao http://sukihealingarts.com/ Tara Leaver http://taraleaver.com/


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