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Stepping up to the plate and swinging

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In any given moment we have 2 choices step forward into growth, or back into safety ~ Abraham Maslow

in one of my coach training sessions recently where I was the client I got some serious clarity around something that has been an ongoing issue for me for a while, one that you've heard me talk about here on the blog.

....shining my light.  I have struggled with this for a long as I can remember.

now don't get me wrong, I WANT to be out there, to step up to the plate and swing and hit the hell outta that ball. and I mean an outta-the-ball-park kinda swing.  but what stops me every single time is that same onerous thing that hangs me up every time....shining my light.

my coach asked me a question and, after a little pondering, it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on my head. thunk!  the shining my light thing is not present in Grace, the person who lives her life every day, solid in knowing who she is.

she fricking rocks the light!  

she is very comfortable shining as bright as she can, at any time.  this issue only comes into play these days when she, when I put on my Grace in business hat.

duh!  that was such a revelation to me.  the 2 Grace's are in so very different realms.  

now granted, I've worked on myself  { and my self confidence } a lot over the last 20+ years, so much so that being the center of attention and doing my thang just doesn't bother me anymore. { phew!  that's good to know cause boy was I a wallflower }.

what I didn't know, until i had that discussion with my coach last week, was that there were 2 parts of me.  I truly thought they were one and the same.  that the confident, authentic me was the same person I was in business.

now don't get me wrong, being authentic and real in business are personal core values I bring to the table every day.

what I came away with from that session is that business Grace sometimes most times avoids the light.  what I also know is that business Grace has gotta step up to the damn plate and just swing.

you ever just get so tired of the battle waging inside of you that you just wanna say, eff it...gimme the bat and let me just take a swing?

yup, that's how I'm feeling right about now.  because sometimes that's what the moment calls for.

enough bullshitting around, enough studying and researching and making everything perfect so the outcome could be perfect as well.  

STEP UP TO THE PLATE....and just swing already!

stop waiting for the ultimate time, the right circumstances, getting all the fricking ducks in a row only to find out one is missing and then wanting to hide out some more { this one is so me }

do it!  swing.

...let go of not knowing the outcome.

...let go of wanting perfection { it's overrated ya know }.

...let go of wishing and wanting and never doing.

...let go of the rumble deep down inside that happens every time you think about setting foot outside your comfort zone 

...let go of the doubt and the anxiety

...let go of the thoughts of embarrassment of IT not happening { or IT happening and failing ....yeh, that one too }

...let go of control { this one is H a r d }

it's all good. you know why? cause you can have a do over.

heck, you can have as many do overs as you's your baby, your thing to birth, your thing to bring light to, your turn to shine.

SHINE baby, shine.

cause that's what biz Grace is going to do.  watch me glow. 

remember, you got this. { no really, you do }

take care,


p.s. the next Soul Speak with Grace minisode that also talks about this subject is up. Check it out here.

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living in the light

living in the light

one of the things i know for sure is......i always have to be true to my voice, my truth and stand in my light.

i am a journaler, and my journals are where i hold space for the words and the art and the ideas that matter to me so that i'm always living in the light rather than hiding in the dark.

i have a few journals where i create art { my art journals }, a couple of journals where i write my heart-words { to work thru issues and record my gratefuls } and then there's this virtual space, my blog, my public journal where i journal about creativity and business and laughter and everyday life,  a space where i choose time and time again to shine my light { altho hard this might sometimes be }, a place i get to share ME with YOU.

i started blogging years ago, { btw, this link is a hoot } at first because i wanted to share my work.  at that time i was an art quilter and loved the audience i built.  over the years i have made some wonderful cyber & in-person friends who are brilliant textile artists { susankarenwho are 2 very cool peeps } and, even tho i'm a mixed media artist now, this space has remained true to who i am as an artist and as a person whose touchstones remain....

light,   truth    &     JOY

yesterday i wrote a post about the new workshopthat i'll be teaching in ... SPECTRUM and......i have to tell you, i am blown away by the beautiful and heartfelt comments old and new friends are leaving and also by the release of control i'm hearing in these words to finding one's path to creative spirituality and development.  you guys have made my heart smile ...WIDE.


i am now working on the content for SPECTRUM workshopand knowing that what i'm create for YOU to enrich your creative spirit and that you are ready to embrace it all makes working on this so much more satisfying and brings much JOY to this heart of mine.

T H A N K   Y O U.


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no more hiding out


so i'm doing it again.  hiding.  you know....not shining my light.  i know the signs.  nothing gets completed.  tasks are listed and worked on but nothing gets crossed off and i stop showing up online on a regular.  PLUS, it came out in my journal.

i don't know bout you but journaling is my go to for de-stressing { stream of consciousness writing always helps me tap into all sorts of things i'm either not aware of or don't want to face }.

over the past 20+ years i've built up quite a healthy journaling habit, most of it is just recording the events of my days, lil tidbits about me and my family's shenanigans during the week.  

but i have to tell you, sometimes i get this overpowering need to write my thoughts out and this was one of those times.

i wasn't aware on a conscious level what was going on with me but you know how sometimes as we're moving throughout our day we get the feeling that something is off?

that's what i was experiencing.  i was going thru the motions of my day but my head wasn't fully engaged.  although i knew this, i had decided to push thru cause i still had lots of tasks to get accomplished.

not a good decision right? a few days ago .....

all.  engines.  stopped.

my brain went into overload and, strangely enough i found myself tearing up talking to my hubby about a plane ticket.  yup.

twas a strange time and a strange reason to lose it.

got off the phone with him and tried walking around a bit to try to clear my head.

nada.  that didn't work.  

so instead i grabbed my journal, sat on my bed and began writing. at first i was mad at myself and it comes out on the page but as that heightened emotion subsides, my writing heads into journaling my heartwords.  

and this is where the truth of my angst is revealed.

B R E A T H.

it is said that one of the most stressful times you can experience is going thru a big move.  

uh duh!  not only are we moving house but we are moving across the country to the beautiful pacific northwest { whoops! i know for some of you this may come as a complete shock.  call me and we can chat *wink* }.

now the move itself is a good thing { a fantastic, exciting thing for our family truth be told } but my journaling showed me that the stuff and time and energy it takes to pull off this move while still living your life and, in my case, launching a product, not to mention a new website....all of this was getting to me.

one of the easiest things for me to do when this happens is to hunker down in my comfortable spot { inside my house ......that i'm trying to sell btw } and DO NOTHING.

not a good plan.

so this time, now that i'm aware of what's happening i'm going to implement a few things.

first, i usually journal 3-5 times per week. with this move happening, i'm gonna journal every day, a check in of sorts so i can catch things before they go awry again.  

if i don't have a story or event to recall them i'm gonna ask myself 3 questions i recently heard on a podcast { for the life can't remember which one, sorry }.  those questions are:

what worked today?      

what didn't work?       

what's next?

second, i'm going to realistically schedule my tasks for the day, the week.  to get things done i realised that i've overloaded my tasks lists trying to stay ahead of the game.  

no more.  i can only do so much and allowing for down time is essential for a seamless as possible next 3 months of change-your-life activity

third......i'm gonna elicit your help.  yes YOU.   if you're not seeing me more regularly in person or you think i've gone a bit quiet online ...hit me up.  no seriously!!!  

send me a text, a private fb message or even my fb page saying grace...what's up girl?   or "you've gone a bit quiet there....all is good?".  

remember i tend to hide back in the corner where no one can see me but from which place i can still observe the world passing by.

don't let me do it!  please.  

make me own up, show up or crack up over a good joke or story of yours.  help me keep my light shining.  i'm gonna do all i can my end.

thanks y'all G