what's your superpower?

{ this week's minisode i talked about my superpower and thought this repost was in order }

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about 4 years ago perusing some blogs i came across this question...

what's your superpower?

immediate thoughts that came up for me were:

....what the heck is that? ....personal superpower actually exist?....do i even have a superpower?

in that moment questions, or rather lots of puzzlement came up because i didn't know much about it and that everyone had one, plus, which led to THE question that stuck .....what the heck was mine???  i remember sitting there with that duh look on my face trying to figure out how me and this question fit together.

because it puzzled me so you would think that i went off in search of what my superpower was right? nope. after a couple of days i let the question falter.  i left it by the side of the road where i met it and walked on.  c'est la vie, right?

fast forward to late last year, in my previous mastermind group, this question met up with me again. darn!

What's Your SuperPower?

and lo and behold, as i read the question this time, something immediately popped into my head.

my superpower is being quiet.

what?????  seems since my 1st encounter with that question it must have done some subconscious pondering because i knew.  i just knew.

in the last few months i have been concentrating on a quest i set out to do.  i got it in my head that i want to create a Journaling REVOLUTION, gathering people together and getting them to embrace the awesome power of journaling.

{ click here to hear what my friend liz recorded for me.  so cool! }

it dawned on me today......my superpower and my purpose are beginning to align. { how wonderfully perfectly awesome is that! }.

i want people...ah, scratch that ...i want YOU....to know that being quiet, getting introspective and reflecting on circumstances, events, thoughts that happen to you and writing about them is one of the most beneficial, empowering, awe inspiring acts of self love you can do for yourself.

to go quiet, to head inward and sit a while; to allow your SOUL center, your inner goddess complete access to your outer reality can help to inform your being on such a deep, magical level it can be....well, orgasmic { yeh, i went there }.  that centerspace is where your superpower reigns.  this is what The JOY Work Circle is about.

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being quiet and writing your heartwords.


so...... what's your superpower?

{ leave a comment below, or feel free to email me, to share your thoughts on your brilliant superpower and how SHE helps you be you }

take care,


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