I pulled 3 cards today and oh my!

3 card pull

I believe in fate. I believe in the power of the Universe. I fervently believe in serendipity.

we are 3 weeks into living #ourportlandlife.  it's been a struggle at times with periods of overwhelm for each of us....teary, dreary moments when everything gets to you and nothing is right.  

the light at the end of the tunnel kept moving further away.   o was the first one to get there about 3 days into unpacking.  o knew i was a mess and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and pour my eyes out.  so i did.

overwhelm is nothing to shirk at.  it takes hold and, mired in its midst seems absolutely impossible to move forward.  nothing short of making yourself physically climb out that dark space.  

hardest thing was watching each of my kids experience the same thing a week later. i am glad to say, tho that we all survived our big move and are thriving { throwing out a silent high five! }.  

the kids moved across the country to a place they had never seen but trusted me that this place called portland was the place for us.  

we've had some hiccups with the house sale back in north carolina { closing been  postponed twice now. Ugh. } but fingers crossed the new owners will finally be handed their new house keys and take possession tomorrow.

i hadn't been able to access my oracle cards since before we started packing in ernest back in June and this morning came across them....looking for something else of course.

oracle pull 2

sometimes i can so easily have squirrel moments when trying to complete a task, unwittingly at times allowing myself to be sucked into something else and down that other rabbit hole i go.  

i've diligently been working on changing this strange phenomenon of mine { lol }  but when I saw that  box of oracle cards i hadn't seen in weeks, it really seemed like they was calling to me.....so i answered.

the 3 cards i pulled......

i usually pull 3 cards and, according to collete { the cards i have are these } the positions of the 3 card pull is:

  1. the past influence
  2. the present point of vantage
  3. the probable future destination
oracle pull 3

the fact that I pulled "home" for the past indicates to me that my old home is no longer an influence on my life....hence the closing WILL take place tomorrow.

the second and third cards almost blew me away!  last week i had a conversation and planning session with my friend and fellow artist jackie { her new website launched last week...go check it out pronto! } about our routines and schedules and committing to our art and doing more to make our businesses thrive....and in comes these next 2 cards.  whoa! right?

i am light stone

omg i love how the Universe speaks.  even when we're not paying attention or feeling the overwhelm or are just asking for guidance, there are little whisperings of soul speak that guides us on our journey.....if we just pause long enough to listen and tap into our own inner wisdom.

may you each hear the Universe's whisperings and may it touch your soul in wondrous ways,


p.s.  it's real good to be back.   so tell me....what new things are you getting up to as this new season approaches?

westward ho ...as the saying goes

so we are moving.  we are moving to the west coast, us east coasters, to the pnw to be exact.  

this move is a long time in planning and finally the day has come, the house has been packed up, the truck has been loaded and the journey has begun. we will travel thru over 10 states, drive miles upon miles upon miles of highway, stay in 5 or 6 hotel rooms { pet friendly of course cause we have #coopthedog with us } till we reach our destination and settle into our new home.

i'll try to record as best i could but the plan is to drive all day and rest at night....so we will be weary.  all of us are excited...sad that we have to leave our family home { the only home one of my kids has really ever known } but eagerly awaiting our next adventure...in portland, the city of roses and the slogan i love best......KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD.

oh we'll definitely be right at home.  who wants to be the same as everyone else, right?.  "not I" we all chant.

portland.......ready or not, here we come!


the goodbye continues...

{ written saturday, july 11, 2015 } today was not a regular goodbye.  it wasn't a sad goodbye. it wasn't even a long goodbye.  today was a goodbye that's been 23 yrs in the making.  today we said goodbye to our stuff.  today was garage sale day.

hubby and I had decided more than a year ago that we needed to downsize.  there's only 3 of us really with our youngest son still at home and about to enter high school { my daughter is finishing up her last semester at university this month and will be flying the coop herself soon enough } so we knew that most of the furniture in our 5 -bedroom house would be going.....even all the beds but one.  no, really!

the work to pull off a successful garage sale can be endless and sometimes grueling.  it's one of the reasons we always chose not to take part in our neighbourhood's bi-annual sale and why, over the years, we've always chosen instead to donate anything we no longer needed, wanted or just wasn't serving it purpose for us anymore........like a 5-bedroom house.  duh!  we're selling that too.  { do ya happen to need a house in a nice neighborhood?  pm me }

over the last few weeks, in our quest to take as little as possible with us in our #movetopdx { we're renting a truck, packing and driving it cross country ourselves }, we've gone thru each room in our house and were ruthless with the purging.  what wasn't absolutely necessary for survival in portland or was past its prime { like our 10 yr old beds } did not make the cut.  sentimentality aside, lots of items got put into the donation / sell / recycle { or dump } list.

which led us to today.

garage sale 2015

9am - 4pm ....a somewhat early start and boy did the people show up.  yay for us but oh was it a long and tiring day.   weird things occurred { some way too weird and/or gross to tell here }.  neighbors came by to check out stuff but i knew it was also a chance to say goodbye.  most of our"stuff" got sold and i'm pleased to say went to good homes, even the garage fridge, peaking out in the pic above, that we nicknamed "gridge" { get it? } who was so good at holding the overflow of food and beer went to take up his new place of residence in someone else's garage, lol......long forever to keep things refreshingly cold.

ahhh.....you know the old saying.....one man's trash is another man's treasure.

we ended early, about 3pm, mainly because the open garage door which faces west is directly in view of the hot afternoon sun and it was becoming like a oven in there despite the fan blowing on full blast.  everything that remained, which was mostly household nick-knacks, was packed up into the back of the car for an immediate trip  to goodwill.

nothing that wasn't absolutely necessary, remember.

plus we had already both decided ahead of time that nothing would be brought back into the house if it didn't get sold.  there were still some bits of furniture and household items left plus a ping pong table...those items had been sold already and were waiting on their new owners to pick them up.

truth be told, i have never like doing garage sales.  ever.  for me, the rewards don't usually match the output necessary.   today however,  today's goodbye was good.

new adventures await.  on, on.

toodles y'all,


#movetopdx  #portlandbound  #houseforsale