journaling revolution

15 long term benefits of starting a regular journaling practice

Words are powerful. And your words have the power behind them to make things happen. There’s something about the act of putting pen to paper that draws the mind into the soul revealing one’s truth. Journaling is this powerful.

daily snippet


i might have mentioned before that i want to create a JOURNALing Revolution, a powerful, bold movement that shakes up the world.


{ thanks to my friend Liz for this awesome recording }

i journal quiet regularly, both by hand and with the use of technology,  in my bullet journal thru out the day, visual journaling and with the art collages i create.  i've been racking my brain for the longest to find a way to do this on my blog but every time i go to write i feel all self conscious and stuff.

as i'm thinking and thinking about it i realised i really only wanted to give you a daily snippet of my life as a help to you, so you can see how easy it is to write your words, journal your thoughts, record your moments.  and as i said the words all came to me.

for the next week { or 2 or 3, who knows} i'll be doing something new i'm called, funnily enough, daily snippet.  it's a peak into my life one snippet, one story, one brief interlude at a time.  the words you read will be as if i'm writing it in my own journal.  so here goes....

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a daily snippet

I got up in such a good mood today despite the fact that I saw 4am this morn. No worries, the body clock says its 7 am and it is time. 

I've asked him to tap me lightly if I'm asleep when he comes in to say goodbye on his way to school and I so appreciate that he's finally getting it. Poking a bear out of sleep ain't good.

Lots of busy stuff to do today...getting ready for shop launch. Whose flipping brilliant idea was this again?  Oh yeh mine. No time for chastising, let's begin. 

Email....Instagram....list for today...shower.  

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