habit tracking

how to get to your tasks and habits in line with your goals

align actions and habits with goals and wishes

~ stargardner ~

Tasks and Habits (long)

i'm taking this quote on this month, making more of a concerted effort to align these two set of things to better manage tasks and habits and....i'm challenge you to do the same { hit me up in comments below with how you intend to manifest these words this month }.  

managing tasks and habits

thinking more about it i know i want my daily, weekly, monthly life to flow more easily and be able to cross off more things on my to-do list which will not only help me track how i'm doing but see the areas that need improving. 

i've been a list maker for as far back as i can remember.   my older sister started me on this journey way back when she 1st started working.  

i remember seeing her budgeted list of items she would buy with each paycheck she received, including how much she would put toward saving and then...

and the best part for her, what books she would be able to get { she's a book fiend that girl }.  btw....this listing of budgeted funds was down to THE last penny.

fast forward to today, no wonder the idea of bullet journaling appeals to me so.  i get to make many lists each month, designing them for my needs and rounding up all that i need to get accomplished into one space, keeping me on task.  

the bullet journal

this system { see helpful resources at end of this post } helps you stay on top of tasks whereby you create lists of to-do's and the habits you want to tracks for improvement or to just to make sure they get done. 

the beauty of this system is that you create it to suit your the way you think and organize. it is flexible enough a system that beautifully caters to your lifestyle & habits.

for this month i'm adding a bit more to my bullet journal page spread.  the first is a tracker.

{ if you're a JOY Love Tribe member click here to download your copy of the TRACKER.  if you're not a member yet no worries, membership is free.  sign up here to access your  free copy, plus all the other guides available in the JLT resource library  }.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

so you might be asking yourself why would someone { that would be me } who wants to create a JOURNALing Revolution be recommending an organizational tool?

because part of the process of journaling is also creating a regular habit around your journaling practice, hence the TRACKER.

the Tracker : Tasks and Habits

{ you can see above i'm tracking my gratitudes & my visual journaling pages }


about a year ago i attempted to track habits this way before and, for the most part, i did but because i was still working digitally with my phone for weekly planning i kept forgetting to go to the paper tracker and record it each time. 

in steps .....the bullet journal!  i've been using one for the last 7 months consistently and am totally loving it, reconfiguring it each month and removing those items that don't works for me.

for instance ryder's original idea of listing of each day of the month in order down a page did not leave me much room if i had more than 1 thing to list for that day.  so i reconfigured and found something else that worked better.  that's why i'm thinking this time the TRACKER might work.  

tracking each of these habits & tasks takes some effort but doing it will help me know how well i'm doing and what things i need to improve on.  plus, i'm in my bullet journal { i'm using one of my booklet journals }

i'm trying another idea that's completely new to me is dutch door bullet journal recording.  this one is fascinating, not sure if it'll go beyond this month, lol,  but ya never know { i'll be sharing a review of this dutch door journaling in a later post }.

remember.....if you'd like some accountability around manifesting the quoted words above let me know by email  or leave a comment below.

if you're already a part of the JOY Love tribe then head to the Resource Library to download the TRACKER { or click the  JOY Love link above to join, it's easy }

take care and let's do this!


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enter bullet journaling in your fave search engine to see many more videos about bullet journaling and join the cult following...err community.  be prepared to be bombarded tho, just a warning, lol.