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and just like that,

Red rose - Shop is Open

.....the shop is OPEN!  Woohoo!

as many of you know i'm a bookbinder at heart...i love the whole process of creating vessels for you to pour your heart into.  so of course the star of the shop re-launch has to be a journal.  my handcut, hand stitched, vibrantly colourfulBooklets will be jam packing the virtual shelves.

last week on the blog i shared a couple videos on visual journaling and a post on writing your gratitudes, both showcasing some of the ways you can use the Booklets.

on monday i recorded a 3rd video, this one on bullet journaling, a daily planing and task management process { from ryder caroll } that has saved my sanity these last few years, especially leading up to the shop launch.


now that you've watched this ingenious way to use a booklet journal, head on over to check out all the goodness in the shop.  find 1 or 2 { or perhaps 10? lol } that appeals to you and purchase.  i'm awaiting your email to let me know it's time to head to the post office.

plus, don't forget i'm also doing a grand re-opening giveaway but, in order to participate,  you must be a member of the JOY love tribe { use the form below to sign up }.  i've had so much fun pulling together this basket of giveaway goodies, from art & journaling supplies to original artwork and more.  you don't want to miss out!

now go on.....go do some shopping.  it'll make both you and me happy.

thanks in advance,