dream come true

are you dreaming BIG yet? ....because you know, BIG DREAMS matter

Big Dreams - I dare you to

oh my, not sure i wan to put the answer to this prompt out there { not a tempting fate thing but sharing one's dreams is a thing that is so close to one's heart, you know right? } but as i said....i'll be journaling along with you so here goes.

what is one unfulfilled dream of mine and how will i achieve it?

well ok then. that was fun. talk to you guys later.


ha!  truth?  i want to own a RED barn.  i want to own a red barn and invite people in....well, not just people but you creatives.

BIG Dreams in a RED barn

i want to own a RED barn that'll house my studio on the 2nd floor loft with:

...a large light filled space with windows all around, a seating area with a comfy chair and a couch and cute, larger-than-large floor cushions { for when i need to dream some more or just relax and get inspired }

....a wet area so i can fling some paint on large canvases { or have a balloon fight with my friends }

....a pristine bookbinding area so i can fling paint, or plop water, without worry of getting it all over the clean white papers i'll be filing journals with

....a walk-in storage closet to house all my art supplies { cause i got a lot still, even after the moving purge last year } and

....a photo area near one of those large light-giving window that'll also serve as the dance break area { uh duh...gotta have someplace to let loose! }.

the main floor is where YOU come in.  it's where i will host you, the vibrant creative you who can't wait to fling some paint with me or go on a journey with me to discover HER.... your inner SOUL wisdom, to greet HER where you are, get to know who she is, what she needs and continue your journey together .....or we can just sit and sip some tea { don't worry, i'll have delish coffee too } and cozy up to a fire in colder months or gather outside on blankets on the grass on the warmer days and talk and laugh and breathe in together.

yup, a RED barn and i'm working on the achieve part right now.  my 1st step was moving to a place where i think it can i know it will happen.  what about you.....

what's YOUR BIG DREAM and how are you going to make it a reality? what one step can you do today to get nearer that dream coming true?

go now.  take a 5-minite-me-time break to share your BIG Dream in your journal.  go ALL out, be expansive, your journal can handle your big wish. and then, let's talk.  hit me up with a comment below ...or an email... with 1 sentence that sums up your BIG Dream.  i can already feel the power of its manifestation.

awww man, dreaming big feels so damn good .....and freeing.

chow y'all,