creating a journaing habit

jumpstart your journaling habit with the -Ing Factor

this month { march 2016 } we’re celebrating our ordinary days.  not in a big way mind you, just being more aware of the days in our life and being mindful of their extra-ordinary beauty, their quiet stillness and the ease in which we travel thru…with…and in between them.

in this post i introduced the -ing factor.   what pray tell is this?

let me give you the back story first.  in my ordinary days of march post { here } i included a free download to a sheet i designed.....the -ing factor.  why?  because i love words.

wait!  hold on.  

there's more to the story. 

i know many people { men too! } find it hard to open up a book and just begin to journal. i'm constantly told by many that it feels strange to just begin writing cause you don't know what to write about.

Journaling today

a friend who has always struggles with the plain notion of it said journaling is hard because it means you have to slow down and process stuff.  yup, that's the gist of it but, i have to tell you....that's the gracious beauty of a journaling practice.

Journaling is slowing down long enough so that your mind has a chance to catch up & your body has a chance to unwind.
— Grace

journaling brings you to the forefront of your mind, it is a witness to your soul and, before long, it begins to engage your heart, your inner wisdom.

so yes, journaling might seem strange in the beginning but, like any habit, it takes time to work up to the best bits of it....that wonderful process of letting go.

and this is where the -ing factor* comes in.  i wanted to create a simple, easy way for you to begin this creative practice without all the fuss of thinking too much and faltering or { egads! } quitting before you even start.

here comes the helper bit

The -Ing Factor Printable

the -ing factor*is an easy way to work on creating the habit of journaling while at the same time allowing for some journaling release.....release of  stress, release of angst or worry, release of the feelings you tend to keep bottled up inside you.

i can't stress enough....

It is in the release that the power of journaling takes hold and manifests itself so perfectly

with the -ing factor you use present participle words { i know, grammar right but it's all good, trust me } to journal in your book.  words like....

watching ... reading ... planning ... reflecting ... gathering ... journaling

you'll begin each entry by writing a short snippet of a thought or a story, not more than 2, 3 or 4 sentences at first { see example in referenced post above } ....releasing it to your journal.  before long you won't even have to think about what to write.  you'll just know....and do.

and in the days when a release is not as urgent.....the beauty of an ordinary day gets to unfold in your journal.

toodles y'all and let's get to journaling,


*download your free copy of the -ing factorhere.  remember, this is for personal use only and if you want to share it { which i hope you do } please direct them to this page.  thanks!

UPDATE: i've created a resource library for my tribe members ... the JOY Love Tribe { that's you! } where you will not only find the -ing factor pdf but all other free JLT resources —and new ones being added.  enjoy!