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a key decision you need to implement | part 6

the business diaries | part 6

{ i've been MIA for a bit with this series with our recent move cross country but happily i'm getting back on track with this post. stay tuned, there's more to come }

i've made a key decision in my business and it something I think you need to do as well {whether you have a solo business like me or not} 

it's something i've not done before but I am certainly gonna be doing a whole lot more of.  i've decided to begin to... 

celebrate little positive moments

 all those moments that occur as I build build my business day by day, minute by minute.

me at universal studios

when you work for yourself you wear many hats and because you wear all those hats, sometimes 2 at a time, there are many tasks that need to happen in a week in a day maybe even in an hour

if you're on a 9-to-5 job and something great happens you celebrate right?  you go for a drink with friends or dinner with your significant other; your boss singles you out and gives high praise or a "good job ______"; you get positive work review or even a special commendation.

but, as a small business owner, a solo entrepreneur, we don't do too much celebrating.

why is it good to pat yourself on the back? 

celebrating our accomplishments: ....is good for our health.  

it raises our dopamine levels { the feel good stuff } which in turn boosts our focus, our drive and our concentration

it allows for a moment to be mindful and to savour that win ....is a cool high-five you can give yourself

it pushes you to continue that forward momentum

it is a way to recognize and be thankful and, the best part I think

it helps you FIND THE JOY in your work

earlier this week, listening to tara gentile's interview on the being boss podcast made me realize that I need to celebrate the little things that occur in my business, those little accomplishments that have me going yay!

in my desk chair or doing a jig  { like above } when something wonderful happens or I suddenly became unstuck from the hours of work I've been putting in on a particular task.

what am I celebrating?  finally letting go of perfection.  and I mean really letting go { something I call "being a cappy brain " }.

capricorns prefer everything to be perfect.  we love doing the research to the n'th degree before making a decision because, of course, the decision has to be perfect, which in turn means the outcome will then be perfect as well.  really?

h uh.  my new mantra,

DONE is good enough

ast week I was impelled to take time off between tasks since the whiplash I gave myself { no kidding y'all, will explain in another post }.

this week I made it a point to remember to take off my cappy brain, put her in a drawer, close said drawer and get back to work.  

I know now that she stifles my growth and invariably stops me from moving forward and completing projects.no more miss cappy!  i'm headed in the direction of finishing things so that I can have my little moments of celebration.

what about you?  what little moment or accomplishment can you celebrate today? leave me a comment below or shoot me an email.


toodles, G