Stepping up to the plate and swinging

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In any given moment we have 2 choices step forward into growth, or back into safety ~ Abraham Maslow

in one of my coach training sessions recently where I was the client I got some serious clarity around something that has been an ongoing issue for me for a while, one that you've heard me talk about here on the blog.

....shining my light.  I have struggled with this for a long as I can remember.

now don't get me wrong, I WANT to be out there, to step up to the plate and swing and hit the hell outta that ball. and I mean an outta-the-ball-park kinda swing.  but what stops me every single time is that same onerous thing that hangs me up every time....shining my light.

my coach asked me a question and, after a little pondering, it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on my head. thunk!  the shining my light thing is not present in Grace, the person who lives her life every day, solid in knowing who she is.

she fricking rocks the light!  

she is very comfortable shining as bright as she can, at any time.  this issue only comes into play these days when she, when I put on my Grace in business hat.

duh!  that was such a revelation to me.  the 2 Grace's are in so very different realms.  

now granted, I've worked on myself  { and my self confidence } a lot over the last 20+ years, so much so that being the center of attention and doing my thang just doesn't bother me anymore. { phew!  that's good to know cause boy was I a wallflower }.

what I didn't know, until i had that discussion with my coach last week, was that there were 2 parts of me.  I truly thought they were one and the same.  that the confident, authentic me was the same person I was in business.

now don't get me wrong, being authentic and real in business are personal core values I bring to the table every day.

what I came away with from that session is that business Grace sometimes most times avoids the light.  what I also know is that business Grace has gotta step up to the damn plate and just swing.

you ever just get so tired of the battle waging inside of you that you just wanna say, eff it...gimme the bat and let me just take a swing?

yup, that's how I'm feeling right about now.  because sometimes that's what the moment calls for.

enough bullshitting around, enough studying and researching and making everything perfect so the outcome could be perfect as well.  

STEP UP TO THE PLATE....and just swing already!

stop waiting for the ultimate time, the right circumstances, getting all the fricking ducks in a row only to find out one is missing and then wanting to hide out some more { this one is so me }

do it!  swing.

...let go of not knowing the outcome.

...let go of wanting perfection { it's overrated ya know }.

...let go of wishing and wanting and never doing.

...let go of the rumble deep down inside that happens every time you think about setting foot outside your comfort zone 

...let go of the doubt and the anxiety

...let go of the thoughts of embarrassment of IT not happening { or IT happening and failing ....yeh, that one too }

...let go of control { this one is H a r d }

it's all good. you know why? cause you can have a do over.

heck, you can have as many do overs as you's your baby, your thing to birth, your thing to bring light to, your turn to shine.

SHINE baby, shine.

cause that's what biz Grace is going to do.  watch me glow. 

remember, you got this. { no really, you do }

take care,


p.s. the next Soul Speak with Grace minisode that also talks about this subject is up. Check it out here.

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what 5 words describe your YOUness?

SELF-Love image / your YOU-ness

so you and i are starting this process of SELF-love for February.  this week will be fairly easy, especially if you are new to journaling.  you'll be using each day one of the 5 prompts you found in my FREE pdf "How to Cultivate a Successful Journaling Habit".  and the good news....i'll be journaling right along with you each week AND posting them here.  eeeeek

i'll go first and choose #4 .....because i'm a serious wordy nerd { no really, go ask my friends }

choose 5 words to describe your YOUness and write why.  

here goes....

1.  quiet - i wanted to use the word introvert, which i know i am, but the word quiet describes me much better.  

i crave alone time.  i love the quietness of the house when everyone is gone, doing their thing and there are no sounds in the house......well, except the snoring of #coopthedog.

i've never felt it necessary to fill the air with talk,to talk for the sake of talking.  i internalize things quite a lot and think them thru in my mind. what's my superpower?  being quiet.   oh definitely, yes.

2.  authentic - it's a word that's used quite often these days but it truly describes me and my outlook on life and my value set.  i believe in working and living from my core center, accessing that place inside that lets me be me and bringing that to the forefront at all times.  

one of my favourite hashtags is #inthismoment...when i use it, part of the call is stepping in authenticity with my own type of grace and power, BE-ing focused in that one moment in time, capturing all of me in one quick, fleeting instance.

3.  vibrant-  growing up i was so quiet that, looking back i think i missed out on all things fun.  i've learned over the years that not only do i have a voice but that i needed to let go of holding back and thoroughly enjoy myself { i mean why not right? }.  

for me that means belting out a song or taking dance breaks or surrounding myself with bright, vibrant over-the-top colours.  

being vibrant for me means not being afraid to make mistakes or say the wrong thing or being embarrassed by being "seen" is meant to be enjoyed and lived and i do so knowingly now.  a vibrant creative...that's me ya'll!

4. observant - from as long as i can remember i have been a keen observer of people, their behaviors and quirks.  

i am continually fascinated with the hows and whys of how we move thru life.  it's how i found the forest nymph, how i know my kids need a kind word rather than a stern voice {despite the fact that the wrong they did probably deserved the latter}.

i can take in a whole lot of info in at once and totally love that about me.

5. meticulous - i think i have OCD { no really.....well maybe not, lol }, it might be just OCD tendencies tho cause i really prefer things orderly

{confession: i love to see things lined properly, just a small quirk of mine}. 

i've always been more of a rule follower but, over the years, have slowly been breaking that boring habit.  because of my meticulous nature, however you'll know things will be done really well but i'm gonna have fun doing it and, if you're around, be prepared to laugh....often.

phew!  there you have it, now you know a little bit more about me...from me. now your turn.

what prompt did you choose to journal about today?

leave comments below and share what you journaled about.

toodles y'all, G