work/Life balance: declutter


for the month of september my co-host ho'o and i are vlogging about subconscious curating. what you say is that?  check this post and to watch our 1st vlog. this week for work/Life balance we tackle decluttering our spaces, both physically and mentally. watch now.....


how do you declutter your space?

is there a technique you regularly use?

no time to declutter your space?

if not then i suggest first you sit and mentally declutter. as i discussed in the video, 2 of the best ways to declutter is through meditation and/or journaling.  you know which one i want you to try first right?  nope, not journaling.


i want you instead to sit quietly for 5 minutes. yup, just 5.  so you can mentally decompress.  sometimes that 's all that's needed to be able to carry on with tasks and  family & home duties.

now think about this, what if you did this everyday?  just 5 minutes of self-love { that's love directed inward btw }. then go and tackle that closet or those containers of "stuff" sitting wanting attention or that fridge like ho'o suggested.

try it.  sit for 5. then go do some decluttering.  and afterwards.....take another 5 to write in your journal how flipping awesome you feel.  yeh that feeling is what we're after when we choose to declutter and release what is no longer needed.  cause you know...

it's all a work/Life balance afterall.

till next time,


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