a long walk

forest nymphs do exist ...right?

i try to get out everyday for a walk.  not saying it's a regular thing  { in case the commit-to-something  gremlins start hounding me to stay committed } but let's just say i'm getting better at remembering that the world exists beyond my studio space { ha! } Forest Park high topthe other day hubby joined me and he suggested we check out forest park, a large local walking/hiking/biking park near our apartment.

i have to tell you, hubby is not real technical but lately he's gotten big time into phone apps and, upon a recommendation, downloaded the app for forest park { so very proud he was to show it off to me too }.

Hubby Checking park appafter foot surgery 2 1/2 yrs ago i sometimes still struggle walking for long periods so about a mile and a half in, i told him let's turn around cause i could feel my foot begin to twinge.

on the way back to the car, in between moments of talking and beautiful taking-in-the-nature-scene silence, out of the corner of my eye i spied something off to my right sitting at the edge of the path.  i turn my head and find this....

Forest Nymphi kid you not...a woman just sitting there in a moment of quiet contemplation, facing the sun as it shone down directly on her.   she sat so very still you'd almost miss her as you walked by { well, only if you weren't as obsessively observant as i am i, heehee }.

Forest Nymph Close-upi walked a few paces past her then had to double back and ask permission to take a picture.  one just doesn't encounter moments like this on a regular right?  she acquiesced graciously, closed her eyes and, once again, got lost in her own reverie.  i took a couple of pics, from a few angles  i might add,  and walked on to catch up with the hubby.

ok, so she is the living, breathing, human kind of forest nymph but how cool to have her grace my day.

YES.  this.



p.s.  for interest here are a few varied books on walking.  the first i have on my 2016 reading list because it sounded so interesting; the 2nd i read a while ago and the 3rd i'm about to finish. interesting read all of them.

Wanderlust:a History of Walking - Rebecca Solnit A Walk to Remember ~ Nicolas Sparks A Long Walk to Water  ~ Linda Sue Park