Happy Valentine's Day to me

How bout some self-love in this month of LOVE

YOU hon, are an unrepeatable miracle  ~ Lisa Nichols 


Okay, a truth.

I have never ever been a fan of Valentine’s Day. 

There. I said it.    ......I know. Shock! Horror! 

Growing up as a young teen and into my 20’s there was no one who thought of me as their valentine, and so I chose not to acknowledge that day.  Ever.

Even now that hubby and I are married (started year 28 in December!) we don't go all crazy when the day arrives. We both feel the same way about it.

(lus we want to make a stand and not feel compelled to fall into the commercial aspect of it)

So, throwback to a few years ago with me wanting to do something for my peeps but feeling the dread of Valentine’s Day looming large. I journaled about it and thought what better way to show love than to ourselves.

It’s all about SELF-LOVE baby! 

What exactly is self-love?  it’s about taking the time to put yourself first. It’s about learning how to accept yourself for who you are, all the beautiful bits + all the bits we tend to want to ignore or shame.

Self love is about showing ourselves unconditional love while also allowing for compassion and grace. Self love is about freedom.....freedom from self recrimination or holding on to doubt about who you are and what you’re capable of. 

Self love is about loving yourself enough and treating you, your body, your mind and your soul with the same love you pour into those around you. 

- - - -

On a recent insta story I talked about how 2 years ago wanting to turn things around for so many women who were like me. If you were like me in my early 20’s there was no love to ride out that day, Valentine’s Day, with, not a hint of one to come.

So I thought of turning the month of February in Self-Love month. When I first started thinking I knew I had to come up with a way for women to feel this in a deeper, more profound way.

That’s when I had the idea for a mini course, 5 Days of Self-Love. 5 days of creative and meaningful exercises meant to bring you home to love, where you shower ourselves with all the outpouring of your own love. So you can take that love deeper.

Each day for 5 days I'll send out an email with that day’s exercise. They are simple and yet still, they get ot the heart of the matter…giving yourself oodles of love. Isn’t it time that you come to know yourself more intimately and see how very special you are?

Cause sometimes, in the day to day of living our lives, we can sometimes forget to hold ourselves close,

…forget to show ourselves more positivity.

…forget to embrace the body we've been given for this wild ride here on earth.

…forget to celebrate ALL of who we are right now.

These 5 days are how I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, through meaningful inner guidance and bountiful self-love.

5 Days of Self-love*

Join me and let’s take some time to celebrate you.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

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