SPECTRUM give-away!

can i just say oh.em.gee.  late last year i was asked to be a guest teacher in this... a beautiful, awe-inspiring, 22 week long workshop.  i jumped at the opportunity but had to keep it under wraps for a bit while hali set everything up.  well now it's time to broadcast it to the world.  woohoo!  

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about the workshop

SPECTRUM, an online holistic-creative workshop organized by hali karla of hali karla arts is going on its third year!  there are 20 NEW featured teachers in SPECTRUM 2016  { including moi! } and more than 20 returning contributors offering a variety of workshops, inspiration and invitations { see list below }.

this spectacular workshop is intended to empower, nurture & celebrate your innate creative expression, start you on a healing journey if needed and move to enhance your personal development.  each participating teacher, bringing her perspective to this offering, will use one of the following themes:

Forgiveness  |  Shifting Perspective  |  Navigating Uncertainty  |  Integration  | Alchemy   Connecting with Nature  |  Honoring Body  |  Trusting Joy  |  Expressing One’s Truth

pre-registration for SPECTRUM 2016 officially opens on February 1, 2016, with the workshop beginning May 2.

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~ to learn more details about SPECTRUM, including all of the contributors and workshop offerings for this course click here ~   

Spectrum Blog Hop GIVEAWAY & Newsletter Sign Up

now to the giveaway!

i have one spot to give-away to a lucky winner for the january blog-hop.  to enter this GIVEAWAY do the following:

  1. sign up below to begin receiving my newsletter { bonus....you get my FREE journaling pdf }
  2. share this link  http://bit.ly/SPECTRUM2016-gh on your favourite social media to let everyone know about this fantastic workshop!  { feel free to tag me! @kgracehowes }
  3. leave a comment below to let me know where you shared it and why you want to win
 { note: this giveaway is now closed but you can still use the link to sign up. look for a 2nd giveaway happening in April! }

remember to bookmark this page { or this link } so that you can check back to see if you've won my give-away or to sign up just as soon as it goes on sale.  i will announce the winner  here on February 1, 2016

{ note:  as a contributing artist, by using my affiliate link to purchase the workshop i will receive a portion of the registration fee as compensation for the workshop so please let your friends know to use my link provided here.  thanks!  }

below is a list of the other teachers for the Spectrum 2016 blog-hop with the dates their give-away goes live.  you can visit their website to enter their giveaways as well.  enjoy the blog-hop, good luck on the give-aways, and  see you in may for SPECTRUM 2016!

toodles, G

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Spectrum Teachers { links are clickable }

13 January: Hali Karla http://www.halikarla.com/blog/

14 January: Andrea Schroeder http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/blog Angelique Arroyo http://schoolformedicinewomyn.com/

15 January: Bebe Butler http://www.bebebutler.com/ Beth Morey http://www.sheofthewild.com/

16 January: Briana Goetzen http://www.orangespiralarts.com/ Carissa Paige http://carissapaige.blogspot.com/

17 January: Cat Caracelo http://catcaracelo.com/ Catherine Anderson http://catherineandersonstudio.blogspot.com/

18 January: Chris Zydel http://creativejuicesarts.com/ Effy Wild http://effybird.com/

19 January: Elloa Atkinson http://www.elloaatkinson.com/ Grace Howes    http://www.redbarn-studios.com/

20 January: Gretchen Miller http://www.gretchenmiller.wordpress.com/ Kara LC Jones http://motherhenna.blogspot.com/

21 January: Kelly Johnson http://www.wingswormsandwonder.com/ Kitty Oppegard http://handoverheartstudios.blogspot.com/

22 January: Kristal Norton http://kristalnorton.com/ Lisa Hofmann http://dandelionseedsanddreams.blogspot.com/

23 January: Lisa Wilson http://www.beingbreath.com/ Lucy Pearce http://dreamingaloud.net/

24 January: Malini Parkehttp://www.maliniparker.com/ Meghan Genge http://www.meghangenge.com/

25 January: Melissa Harris http://www.melissaharris.com/ Michelle Turbide http://michelleturbidestudios.com/

26 January: Petrea Hansen-Adamidis http://www.arttherapist.ca/blog Rachael Rice http://rachaelrice.com/

27 January: Robin Hallett http://www.robinhallett.com/ Shelley Klammer http://intuitivecreativity.typepad.com/

28 January: Suki Ciappara Ka'Pinao http://sukihealingarts.com/ Tara Leaver http://taraleaver.com/


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