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"Life won't change unless you do the changing"

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~ Click here to listen to this blog post instead*...


Live Simply.  

When you read those words, what thoughts came up for you? 

Did it remind you of: 

  • living a meager, existence, of not having enough of the basic necessities, of hardship?
  •  living frugally, counting every dang penny? 
  • ideas of containment, meaning you can’t get what you want when you want it? 

Ha! I’ve lived each one of these scenarios but, that’s not what I mean when I say Live Simply. Living simply is more about a mindset. It’s about how we are choosing to live our daily lives. 

It’s about decluttering, decluttering and surrounding yourself with those things, people, thoughts and actions that bring simplicity to your life. 

It’s is by no means about depravity, scarcity longing for something or even about grabbing for yourself (e.g. not elaborate or artificial, nor ornate or luxurious). All of these are different subjects for a different time. 

Simple living is about creating a life for yourself in as simple and uncomplicated  way as possible while still enjoying your life. 

This can look as many different ways as we all are different but still means the same thing.

How simple is your life? 

How simple do you want it to be? 

How simple is simple for you? 


A Danish word (pronounced hue-guh) for creating joy and coziness in life’s everyday moments. How awesome is that!!!!!! Creating a life of simplicity and carefree coziness IS possible. You just have to want it and then bring it in. 

You have to choose to live simply. 

So, what does living simply look like? Here are some suggestions to get you started...

Cut out the extraneous 

In other words declutter, declutter, declutter. This means decluttering and keeping only that which you need. Sometimes your wants get to finagle their way in there as well like a sentimental letter or journal or a child’s drawing from 2nd grade or a small family heirloom.  

Living simply is not about throwing away these things but rather deciding which ones deserve space in your life.  

Be discriminate about your front row

A long time ago a friend told me about the front row theory. Think of a theatre or concert venue and the seats it contains. There’s the coveted front row seats, the remaining seats behind the front row and then back row. 

Who in your life do you choose to put in your front row? These are not the people who take, take, take and never give. These are not the people who never seemed to support you, who are never around when you’re in need. These are not the people who always have something to do when you suggest spending time together. Their calendar is always filled and prioritizing and time with you rarely happens. 

Nope. That’s NOT your front row. 

Your front row people see you, hear you, and support you. They are the ones who laugh AND cry with you. And you to the exact sane thing for them. It’s a ying and yang relationship. 

Btw....that friend who told me about the front row? I had to let her go. I chose to put me first and have her exit my theater complement and had to learn yo be okay with that decision. 

Get off the dang treadmill

(not literally of course) Choose to let go or live with. Choose to not take on the stress. Sometimes this can be a hard habit to break. Our norm is to deal, to get in the trenches, to figure EVERYTHING out. I say DON’T. 

Some things we just need to let go of. Some things we need to realize they don’t serve ya anymore. Like getting mad at hubby/partner because they keep doing __________ (fill in the blank cause I know you know!) 

Find your happy medium or let that thing go completely. Release it from clouding up your path to living simply. 

Bring in comfy & cozy 

Create spaces around that make you feel comfy and cozy. This might be having a chair that you go to to relax and just do You.

In that space you've collected things that bring you comfort: for instance a wrap or blanket, a table/shelf filled with your fave books to read, a soft light, And when you curl up there in your fave comfy sweats and socks to curl up remember to turn off your phone.

Breathe in

Ok, this might be one of those you’re think “what the heck Grace, I breathe in all the time!!!!” Nah. What I’m describing here is intentional breaths. 

Mindfulness. Awareness. The kind of breathes that have you being more present in your day. The kind of breaths that, because you’re more aware you receive or become aware of more JOYful moments happening all around you.

• Like the simple pleasure of seeing a child play on the playground as you take your daily walk.
• Like the simple pleasure      you get from seeing people in love interacting with each other at a table near you
• Like the simple pleasure that floods in watching your child sleep and the love that swells your heart beaming through you.
• Like all the small moments that have you catching your breath in wonder or amazement 

Breathing in more is about witnessing the serendipitous little miracles of life unfolding before you. 

The holidays are definitely upon us and a bright and shiny new year right is  around the corner. My wish for you is that you find more ways to live more simply, to slow your pace down, even if it's just enough to catch a good deep breath. 

Simplify, my friend, simplify. 

And take care of you, 


p.s. after writing all of this I (serendipitously) came across the blog The Art of Simple. In an article one of the contributors wrote: be purposeful and creative with space and time. Yes! This! 

- theartofsimple.net/tinyhouse

(Btw....I’ve decided I need to be a contributor for that blog so I’m sending out my desires to the Universe. You know....manifesting and all).



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