how to use a visual journal + visual journaling #2

the shop re-opening is 1 week away!


i'm so excited and i'm so very nervous....and, and, and my new booklets journals ARE the star of the show.

these booklets are filled with 48 pages of 28lb paper, perfect for writing AND visual journaling and that's exactly what i wanted to show you in the next couple of weeks ...ways in which you can use them.  today i'll be doing some visual journaling.

what's a visual journal?

[bctt tweet="Visual journaling is just what it says...journaling with pictures and/or collage to tell your story. " username="kgracehowes"]

as a mixed media artist { see me working on some pages here } i still enjoy the collage process and combining it with my journaling i get to be creative in my practice and, the perfect place to do some visual journaling, is in my new booklets.

communing with nature

one of the things we as a family always like doing is visiting local state parks to walk the trails. it was such a  beautiful day with no rain in site.  i can't do much walking {complications from a foot surgery a few years ago } but when i can i'll walk until i can't.

funny how it took a bit of "persuading" on our part to get #coopthedog up on that stump for a pic but the minute we sit on a bench to snap one of us ....notice how he has no probs photobombing us.  ha!

totally loved this day and wanted to record a bit of it so here's a video of visual journaling in action in a booklet journal of course { p.s. i talk more about the paper i use for the booklets in the video}.

i've made many, many journals over the years but these simple booklets with covers that are fun and colourful make me so happy!  I hope you have fun meandering through yours as you tell you own stories in its pages.

see ya in a bit with more ways to use your booklet.