How to show up every. damn. day.


Sometimes Life can hand you some fricken sour lemons and it's all you can do to push them away and not stay hidden instead. 

But staying hidden is not in our and me and anyone else who has work to do and a creative life to live. 

Showing up is the catalyst to bigger and more, and for bigger and more to be a part of your day....every day. 

Showing up is part of the faith we have in our ourselves, our abilities and our capacity to get up and get sh*t done. 

Showing up is where the change slowly takes place.

Put another way, showing up is about intentionally choosing to make our presence known and felt. This small act of intention is the perfect action to take to let the Universe know we're serious about our part in helping to manifest the things we desire. 

So you're probably asking yourself where is the how in all of this Grace? 

I got you. 

The list below are reminders of how to be more present in your life.....aka, how to show up every. damn. day. 

1. Create space for you to be in it.

Now this might sound like a duh! Hear me out. Our schedules are filled to the brim sometimes with tasks and to-do's that yes, need to be completed for one reason or another, but do you make time in your day for you to be present in it all? 

As you sit down in front of your computer at work or when you're cutting up veggies for dinner or even walking your dog....are YOU present in that moment? Allowing yourself the breath and capacity for your whole self  to show up in, even the most mundane of tasks, is a big part of showing up. 

2. Stop comparing yourself to others.

This is a biggie cause in this digital era we are constantly bombarded with images of how beautiful or perfect or more informed everyone else is, we forget that we don't get to see the back end of someone's life. The times when they, too, are down or scared or even having an imperfect moment or day.

We are all human and as humans we all experience the gamut of human emotions and life situations. Comparing our inner selves to the outer person we see online is not realistic or fair to you and all the work you are doing to show up.

3. Be curious. Risk. Experiment. Repeat.

Get out there and show up in your vulnerable bits and don't give a toss about what you look like. Cause really, no one cares that much (just keeping it real!). So go ahead, leap, jump, seek, dive in. Be more curious and take action on that curiosity. 

4. Simplify

I wrote a blog post a while back on this exact thing call Own Less :: Love More :: Live Simply. You can read it here cause all of what I wrote still applies. 

5. Create rituals around being more present

What this looks like is maybe you intentionally pause before you tackle a job to bring your whole being into the doing of it. Maybe this looks like lighting your fave scented candle (mine are just pure beeswax tea lights) before you write in your journal. Maybe this looks like when someone is talking to hear their words BEFORE you begin to form your response (cause really listening is really hard sometimes). 

6. Slow down

Slowing down instead of quickly moving from one thing to the can definitely help you be more present so that you can show up more in your every day.  This one is about taking the time to see, to hear and to allow space   ...and time for slowing down to occur. 

7. Treat yo'self right

We're all guilty of not taking care of ourselves better. I know there's big buzz about self care these days but it ain't because it's a frivolous thing y’all! Our bodies are prone to developing all manner of diseases cause we're not caring for ourselves how we really should be. Start really listening to your body.

Treating yourself right includes these things....eating better, exercising (mine right now is walking), getting enough sleep each night, taking care of the one body you were blessed. Taking care of you is also about in-person socializing (remember that being being human thing I mentioned earlier?)

This mean putting down the phone or other device you're constantly scrolling through, planting yourself in front of a friend or family member or even a new person you just happen to meet and striking up a real conversation.  Talking TO someone instead of texting or facebooking. I know right?!!! Who knew?

p.s. I say let’s even bring back the art of letter writing. Check out this way cool group that does just that.

8. Let go

....of the idea that you have to be all things and do all things in order to be able to show up.

...of the need to be right or first.

...of things that no longer serve you (uhm....duh!).

All of these prevent YOU from showing up

9. Be YOU

Be your true, inimitable, authentic self more often. You my friend are unique, unmatchable, irreplaceable, unequalled ....just as you are.  Embrace all of you. Show up as you. Play big, and then play bigger still. 

One of my fave books is Tara Mohr's book "Playing Big". Omg, insights galore into showing up as who we are and offering practical skills in how to implement the changes we seek in order to show up.

Playing Big provides real, practical tools to help women quiet self-doubt, identify their callings, “unhook” from praise and criticism, unlearn counterproductive good girl habits, and begin taking bold action.

That last bit about TAKING BOLD ACTION is soooo good y'all! How else will we begin to show up, right? ...for ourselves and for others. Especially right now. The world needs YOU to show up. 

Start now. 


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