How To Plan Your Year (part 1)

Allow yourself the freedom, the space, the permission … to explore and experiment and to try ~ soul nudger

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So we're at the beginning of yet another year. 

The first thing I want to do is to say a heartfelt thank you to 2018. I'm so very grateful for all the beautiful things (& some not so) that happened in my life and in my business last year.

There were lessons to learn (some really hard, some not so), ideas to nourish and let flow out of me, habits (and people) to let go of because it was time and, events that made me smile and laugh and cry, and even pause. 

In my last post I touched on the fact that this is also the time of year most people head to the Resolutions Counter of Life, where they look at the racks upon racks of habits and projects and ideas they want to implement.

They choose carefully and, most times, with sweet intention. But sadly, that's as far as it goes. By the time February hits most have forgotten, intentionally or not, their strong held conviction to stick to the resolutions they chose this year.

I know. Because that's exactly what I did every single year, even though the same thing happened year after year after year. That is, until 8 years ago. That's when I decided to choose a different path. 

I now use a Word of the Year (WOTY) as my touchstone, my tethering point to hold me throughout the year

…and it amazes me every year when I do my reflections how integral the word I chose was to the year I just experienced.

Right around the middle of October every year, like clockwork, the process of choosing my WOTY begins.

I know this might sound a bit woowoo, but words start appearing in front of me at this time in books I read, on billboards, in conversations I have, almost like my mind is preparing my heart to receive some sweet knowledge.

Some of these words I reject outright, either because it's not their turn or it doesn't fit where I am in life. Usually about mid-December THE word, the one that finally chooses me settles in and a certain knowing shows up as well. A deep-in-the-recesses-of-my-soul YES happens and I know, this is my word. 

This year my word came to me without hesitation, preamble or indecision in October. No billboard with a neon sign saying “choose me, choose me" appeared before me. Clear as a bright blue sky on gorgeous sunny day it showed up and I knew what it was and why it needed to be MY word.

This year my word is . . . . . A M P L I F Y .

Oh my goodness….. can I just tell you how excited I am!!!!! It makes soooo much sense especially after last year’s word, SHOW UP.

Last year I intentionally showed up in, it seem, like a million little ways. I definitely needed to personally (our family went through a mini crisis last year, Phew!) and in business, although less so there because of the family crisis.

(read about my words for 2018 and 2016. I know you’re prolly asking yourself where the heck is 2017 Grace? Blogging didn’t exactly happen in the beginning of that year but I still had a WOTY. It was …and. NO joke, a conjunction.😳 Ehh, but it worked for me)

Back to A M P L I F Y . Can you imagine the possibilities? I certainly can and I’ve made plans accordingly **she says clapping her hands gleefully**.

What about this word has me all tingly and excited??? This…

A M P L I F Y —verb

  1. to make larger, greater or stronger.

  2. to expand, to clarify by expanding

  3. to increase the amplitude, in full measure

  4. to create abundance

Uhm….yes! Definitely so.

I intend for this year to be THE year of years. Truth be told, I truly don’t like to state things that definitely cause of the what if factor……..What if I fail miserably? What if this year is just a whimper? What if what I have planned goes kerplop?

No worries, no worries, no worries. Know why? Because your word is never about the result of a thing. Your word should be what you want your year to be about and how you want to show up in it. It’s about how you’ll step into the beautiful wholeness of it and do that thing, or those many things you’re ready to accomplish, to create, to master.

You see, resolutions are just plain ole wishes, without something to back it up that is. And that’s why the majority of people fail at the follow through. Resolutions are about wanting to create a habit but not putting the systems in place to ride you through.

With a Word of the Year YOU get to shape the narrative.

YOU get to define what your year will be. YOU get to write the story. Your word will be your guiding light as you traverse the inevitable ups and downs 2019 will bring. But hon, you’ll get to do it YOUR way.

And THERe . . . right there is the magic.

Doing it your way and not prescribing to some preconceived notion of how your year should turn out or what you word should mean for you.

In the latter part of last year I wrote about being on the precipice of something new. Back them it was in how I was going to serve the women I want to help, my ideal clients, with the coaching I do (the 30/50 challenge).

To amplify that message I’ve decided that this year, in order to help more women, I would continue to offer these 90 minute complimentary sessions as not only a way to serve but so they (you) can see what it would be like in a typical coaching session with me.

These will be my “Introductory Calls”. I know, I know, most coaches offer a 15-25 minute session. And that’s perfectly fine for them and my intention is not to knock how anyone does their work.

But remember….my word is A M P L I F Y, and this will be how I’ll be taking things to the next level, This is how I want to show up.

(Ok this post might have been a tad long but…) I’ve got a question for you…..

How are you choosing to greet and walk through 2019?

Have you chosen your Word of the Year yet? A few questions to ponder…

…reflecting on what your previous year was like, ask yourself what do want more of? And, in turn, what would rather do without? Simple questions to get you started if your word hasn’t yet chosen you.

Better get cracking though cause the year is not gonna start slowing down anytime soon girl.

Choose a word to manifest what YOU want, what you crave, what you desire….cause the Universe is sure to be listening.




p.s. if you haven’t already joined my newly renamed notes to my peeps, The Lighthouse Letters, please do. That’s how you’ll find out about all the lovely stuff headed out into the world this year that my WOTY year has already started inspiring. Just saying…..

p.p.s. 😳this is a 2-parter post. You know how sometimes you start writing and the words don’t seem to stop. That was me with this one. So I decided to give you back some of your day by dividing them into 2 separate posts. Look for the 2nd part of this post next week.

UPDATE: find the 2nd post here.