How to lean into your brave self more often

Sit in your uncomfortable. Lean into your brave ~ Kate K McCartney

lean into brave.jpg

When I read these words by my beautiful friend, Kate, they resonated. Big time, instantly taking me back to my early days of struggling hard to do just that...sit in my uncomfortable.

At the time, I hadn’t a clue how to lean into my brave (truth be told, didn’t even realize I had a brave side in me) and, what I chose to do every single time was run to back into the shadows and remain hidden in my comfort place. 

Sitting in your uncomfortable can be hard. Extremely hard.

Sitting in that squirmy space, you’re asked to take the blinders off when you want to deny what’s there, and open your eyes to first acknowledge that thing, whatever it is for you that makes you uncomfortable so that your brave self can find a space to show up and, secondly, gather the inner strength and courage to be brave in the face of it. 

Sitting in your uncomfortable certainly ain’t easy.

And it won’t necessarily be pretty. It can be a place where raw emotions rise and things we’d rather not come to light show up. 

I’m here to say if there’s work to be done, if happenings in your life are letting you know there’s something that needs to be dealt with, out in the open (and you will know if there is) .....go there hon.

Sit in your uncomfortable.

Seek the information that it can give you about yourself and what you need to move forward unencumbered, free from the fear, the uncertainty, the doubt. 

Sit in your uncomfortable.

Stay there until you can see things more clearly.

Be fully present. Allow the feelings to surface.

Be mindful. Get curious about what you find there.

Then, after a time, begin the gentle lean into your brave.

Choose to respond to that thing that makes you informative in a different way. Challenge yourself. Change your mindset. 

sit in your uncomfortable.

My sensitive and shy 17 year old son (who is also an HSP) has very high expectations of himself. When he encounters a place where he want to resist, I step in to help him lean in instead. He doesn’t much like it sometimes but I keep telling him my job as his Mum is not to gloss over those difficult times he encounters but to make sure he learns the lesson it's trying to teach him.  

Sit in your uncomfortable. 

Choose to sit in that space that only you can experience. Then, when the time comes....lean into your brave self, put on your I-can-do-this cape and take the first step.

Take a breath.