Finding your flow: the winter edition


As winter begins I pause….

I pause because that’s my time for reflection. Reflections of where I’ve been in the past year, what I got up to….or didn’t. I pause to get re-centered. I pause to recalibrate. I pause to take stock.

This is how I find my flow in the winter months. This is how me doing me shows up. It’s me taking a sustained fulfilling breath then exhaling long and slow to catch all that’s on my heart and to truly tune in to hear what I need to know to move into the next year.

I do this for 2 reasons.

  1. to clear out the cobwebs (well duh…10 long months of them)

  2. to reestablish my presets, my goals and dream bigger

1. Clearing out the cobwebs

As one month rolls in to the next, as we’re living our days moment by moment, there are things that get dropped off, sloughed off, discarded. Sometimes right were we found them and sometimes they get rolled into other months.

Clearing out the cobwebs is about looking back at all the months and assessing how I did, what I did, where I could have improved, what went well, what I’m proud of, what could have done without. #allthethings

I get a clearer picture of how those goals I established at the beginning of the year, both personally and for my business, played out.

One of the ways I do this is with Reflections on a Year. I’ve been doing my own reflections every year for the past 5, but this is the first time I’ve offered it as a PDF you can do yourself.

(download your copy of the FREE pdf here)

2. Dreaming Bigger

Almost 20 years ago now I intentionally went into a sort of hibernation. A period of time for a whole year where I took a deep dive into self-discovery. It was a dark time for me (and my family) and there was only one thing on my mind….I needed to know who Grace was. At 38 years old that poor girl was as lost as she could be.

(you can read more about what that looked like for me here).

I did back then what I had to do. Things were bleak and I couldn’t see past my nose, not a thing about my future or my family’s future. Things were that opaque. I wish back then that I had what I know I now needed….someone to talk to. Someone who would really take the time to listen so I could feel heard. Being that alone is no fun.

I am pleased to say I got through that period of uncertainty and doubt and deep seated fear to emerge on the other side clear of what my future held.

I was able to set firm boundaries for what I allowed …and didn’t. I wrote down goals for myself about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. I established a list of beliefs and values that better fit the Grace who emerged from that deep dive into discovering who she was.

THIS is important work. Knowing who we are is key to forward movement.

On one of my recent walks I was listening to Michelle Obama talking to Oprah about her new book and living a life as a lawyer while at the same time not having a clue about who she was or what she wanted. Even the First Lady ya’ll went through her own period of uncertainty and doubt.

The thing is, to get past it you gotta go through it. No pussy footing around about getting clear and establishing your own boundaries. You gotta go full steam ahead, eyes and arms wide open.

That’s what my new Introductory Calls are about. Ninety minutes in a complimentary coaching call to do a deep dive into YOU. Because I got myself clear I was able see what I was being called to do.

To help women who are where I was all those long years ago.

Want to have a powerful conversation and make a deeper connection to the you that you know is there buried somewhere deep in the corner of your heart? Want help finding or re-establishing your flow?

Fill in the form below and let’s get started. I’m right here in my corner of the world ready to help YOU figure out who YOU are.