What would happen if you embraced the colour red?

Today I shall be…….RED.

red wall.jpg

She said “market a glass of water”. 

My mentor at the time was trying to get the women in our business group to overcome our marketing jitters so we could more easily write the copy we needed for our marketing.

She said market a glass of water and use this as a starting place to go inside of your marketing and pitch it to us. Think of it as a short marketing campaign, she said, to get the other participants on board.

I wasn’t very enamored with the water thing so I decided instead to market the color RED.

Now I have a history with the colour RED. It’s all over my house in subtle (and not so subtle) ways and I’ve gobs of the colour  hanging in my closet. 

Plus, my previous business was called RedBarn Studios. So yeh, I kinda like RED. 

My love affair with this colour started with my 2nd self-discovery process back in 2011. That’s when I came out of my shell and traveled across the country alone from where I was living in North Carolina at the time, to be one of 22 women attending a retreat on the Oregon coast.

I was scared outta my wits because I knew no one!

That weekend, though, was a turning point in my life where I decided to embrace all of me, warts and all. And yes, it’s also where my obsession with the colour RED began. 

Everyone in the circle was introducing themselves and, as my turn approached, I got more and more nervous trying to furiously think of what I could do to help make this introduction easier.

That’s when I decided to BE the colour RED as I talked about myself. The introverted me, who is was so uncomfortable doing so, talked about where I was from and how I want to be more like the colour RED. 

That day I wholeheartedly embraced that colour as mine.

It was me and I was it. 

So, to fulfill this challenge by my mentor, I decided to market the colour RED from a time that was a turning point in my life and see how it affected others in my business group who weren’t there that fateful day.

Market the colour RED. 

I wrote…..

sensuous & pleasurable,
bold & sexy.

sink into its depths
let it tickle and tempt you
let it massage your insides.
allow it to intoxicate your senses
and release your bodacious spirit.

Wear RED.

Embrace your voluptuousness. 
Indulge in the luxury.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So….do YOU feel like wearing RED now? Are you the teeny tiniest bit intrigued by what the colour RED can do for you? 

I came across these notes the other day about marketing a glass of water and my response to my coach’s prompt and it got me to thinking…

What if you, in your corner of the world, truly embraced the RED in you? 

What if, when you step outside your house or into your office you felt wholly empowered; where your courage and strength knew no bounds and comparisonitus had no place in your vocabulary or in your life or in how you approach your business. 

What if, as you got ready tomorrow morning and every day after, an invincible coat of RED poured over you and you stepped into a knowing about yourself and your business that puts you on the map and has all your right people seeking you out? 

What if, as you went about your day, nothing, and I mean nothing held you back; not a thing could penetrate that thick beautiful coat of RED that bounds you to your truth…and especially not your dang inner critic.

You see, when we holding limiting beliefs about ourselves we’re not able to step into our colour RED, we tend to hide and play small and are not able to always give our all. 

We tend to think a whole multitude of less-than thoughts about ourselves that don’t ever serve us well; thoughts that have you believing you can’t _______________ (fill in the blank with your old truth that needs to be shifted). 

When you don’t embrace your color RED, you step back from being your most authentic self and, instead, choose to remain in the shadows, in the grey murkier spaces, forever lurking around the edges but never stepping foot into your own shining light. 

Why the color RED for me? 

Because it’s associated with fire and passion and courage. RED invokes action, assertiveness and energy. And I desperately wanted to be able to describe myself as such. I wanted to be THAT person.

At the time I couldn’t. But that retreat was my beginning. I was determined me and the colour RED (+ all it meant) would be besties. 

When you lack the drive to move beyond your stuck, when you believe certain untruths about yourself, when you stay in that place of fear, uncertainty and doubt, you rob yourself of opportunity and growth and beautiful insight and moments of joy. 

Now don’t get me wrong, doing the work to be able to stand strong in your color RED is a hard path to walk. But walk it you must. I did. And I don’t for one moment regret the hardship and angst and endless heaps of disbelief I had about who I was and what I was capable of. 

This can happen for you as well. Find the spaces within you and tuck it into the pockets in your soul. 

Replace a fear or a doubt with your version of the passion and energy of the colour RED. Then, keep repeating the process until you’re able to stand tall in your brave and are not afraid to show up in it.  

So seriously……what if, WHAT IF you truly embraced the colour RED? 

- - - - -

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