daily snippet :: June 8

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~  jeanette leblanc  ~


i'm journaling out loud for 2 reasons:1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you & me to commit to something and stick with { i have issues y'all😜 }

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a daily snippet 

Omg can I be more upset right now? I cannot find my journal book. Dammit! I remember having it in 2 places and it's in neither place. I have looked everywhere. D has looked everywhere. Cman even came in later when he found out and looked everywhere. I only have a small space to work in in this tiny apt of ours —a 2x6ft space, I mean really!— and I can find this booklet nowhere in this space?

This is where I have all my measurements, all the papers I cut, the boards I cut, the thread measurement not to mention the price point for each of these items to make production easier and pricing easier for me.  Every note on the papers I've used, where to source some things. Everything is in this little journal I have been using for the last five years. E V E R Y T H I N G ! After two hours of searching when I should have been making more booklets I still can't find it. Aggrrhhh!!!!!

I want to scream at the world. I want to scream out loud. I want to kick something. I want to bite on something to get my frustration and anger and everything else out. I need to stop thinking about this. I need to let this go. Omg I need to let this go. Breath. 

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