Craving Stillness.

Be still. ….. And know.

What I didn’t know is that I craved stillness

The stillness of an ordinary day.

Almost every morning this year I’ve written a page of thinking. A page that had me sitting in my head for just a few minutes to go inside and query, to search, to gather what came before so I can start my day. 

It’s like a clearing out of what was, in order to allow The New space to come in.

I am a journaler.

I love words.

I love writing words.

I love finding the exact words to convey exactly what I mean. Writing them, speaking them, thinking about them I get all giddy inside at the prospect of coming home to me. 

I have journaled my whole life. In the last 5 or so years however, it was a hit and miss venture. I told myself I was too busy to write. I told myself I have really nothing to say so I just didn’t. And that became okay for years.

Don't get me wrong, I did journal but so intermittently it almost wasn't worth the effort. I know. Shock, right?

But what I was feeling, what I was craving was a closer connection to my thoughts, to my inner being-ness, to my soul self. In fact, not only do I write a whole page of thoughts, I start with a few mantras….

my Priorities, my Values, my Tethering Points

For each of these I write one to three words I've collected to help serve me in some way this year. 

My Priorities are the day’s intentions, the things I want to remember in each interaction I have, in the words I speak, in the thoughts I think. My priorities change as needed, according to what I want to bring awareness to as I go through my day. Some last for a weeks, some just a day or two.

My Values are the thing believe in and hold dear. These shape how I present myself to the world at large, the things I want to step into to help me be my most authentic self.

My Tethering Points are my connection to spirit, to the Universe, to my soul inner BE-ingness. These words help to ground me and center me and give me direction and purpose.

Then, before I begin the actual journaling of my heartwords, I write these words at the top…..what feeling / what craving… give my thoughts a place to start.

…and it’s only then that I go in (can you tell I like rituals?). It's funny though, how the minute I write those 4 words above, the flow immediately starts. 

When I sit to write it's a clearing out of sorts, an intentional inviting in of clarity and truth, of asking the Universe for what needs to be known, what needs taken in, what needs to be recorded in that moment. 

(One of my fave peeps I follow, cause her daily words about the nuances of her life fills me up, is Alisha Sommer. I’ve found comfort and familiarity in the words she writes. Also, I thoroughly enjoy her writing style)

Something I used to do is a thing called Daily Snippets here on the blog (check them out here). Mainly because I wanted to share how easy and freeing it is to sit in space in time and just write your heartwords. 

What I didn't know as I sIt and write each morning, is that I craved that stillness.

The hustle and frenzy of trying to create a sustainable coaching business didn't allow me to go inward. It was all an outer trajectory, a striving to make something from nothing and, in turn, serve those who need my help.

Starting over from scratch is a hard, but not an impossible thing.

In a previous life I was a creative, I created handmade journals and, before that, art quilts. So leaving my creative side to dive in deep with women who themselves craved something different had me walking different terrain than I was used to. 

So I craved some stillness.

But in intentionally getting still and giving myself the permission and the space to do so has fulfilled me and opened me up so much so that it has helped me hone in on the type of client I'm am drawn to helping with my coaching. 

THIS is what journaling can do, point you in a direction.

With the help of a friend (a fellow coach) and my journaling, I was able to narrow down who I wanted to help with the work I now do.

That's what all this writing each morning is about ….. beautiful clarity and a sweet, deep, in the soul knowingness. What did some of this work tell me?

I am a Soul Nudger……a Light Seeker….a Story Catcher…..and

I am a Life Coach.

I choose to work with woman who want to make serious shifts in their thinking and are willing to do the work necessary to get out of their own damn way!

I am a Life Coach who helps female entrepreneurs who want to change the world but are unable to step into themselves in a more powerful and authentic way, get unstuck from what’s holding them back so they can do the work they are called to do with more bravery, more boldness and definitely, more badassery.

And I still crave the stillness in an ordinary day.

- - - - - - - - - -

Ready to get out of your own way? To do the work to bring in some stillness? Schedule a Shift Session with me and let’s start your journey into you.

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