Being Scared is Actually Good

It takes more energy to hold yourself back than it takes to move forward ~ Soul Nudger

I used to be afraid to do anything that took me out of my comfort zone and out of my house which, back then, was practically anything that had me in front of people AND speaking.

I avoided it all. In all my high school & college classes I made sure that I sat in a chair that was not at the front (certainly not!) of the class but not in the back either, cause front and way back-in-the-back people were called on to do stuff, like speak up in class.

You see, I clearly observed how best to stay in my neat little zone of comfort. 

I remember in my late 20’s, after I got married, I always asked my extremely extroverted, funny man husband to never ever leave my side when we went to a party cause speaking to strangers was still an edge for me. Guess how long that lasted once we got there?

Did ya guess a nanosecond? Well you were right. He was off lickity split and I was left on my own to fend off the wolves (aka nice people at nice parties). 

By this time I had learned that small talk was a thing people did at parties (cause remember, comfort zone and house) and I instantly I hated it. Bleh! This was coming way too close to my edge. It’s a wonder I didn’t run and lock myself in the bathroom upon arrival until it was time to leave.

Edge work is some of the hardest work you will have to do. Changing your mindset is exactly that type of work because it will require that you do things differently. 

It’ll require you to go right the edge of your comfort zone.

It’ll push you beyond that comfy place in incremental little baby steps and in big, bold, powerful moves, time and time and time again.

It’ll require that you let go of all the crappy thoughts that have been holding you back and those limiting beliefs about who you are that you’ve held on to for far too long cause they made you feel safe or kept you hidden or allowed you not to shine.

Doing this type of right-on-the-edge work will test your stamina. It will definitely test your nerves. It will ask more of you that you ever thought it was possible for you to give. 

It’ll test your patience with yourself and how quick you can bring in self-compassion. It’ll ask that you reign in all the ’No, I can’t” words and phrases that will flood your thinking as soon as you step away from your perch, that place that just a few feet back from your comfort zone limit, your hangout place.

It’ll require that you tamp down the feelings of less than & not enough, long enough so that you can get use to the newer feelings of you are worthy and more than capable.

Edge work is not for the faint of heart.

It is not for those who are unwilling to fully commit to their own betterment through sheer hard work and resilience.

It requires you to set up boundaries that you (and others) may not be used to; clear, firm and definitive boundaries with family, colleagues, friends and, most especially, yourself. 

It’ll require you to be accountable to the best self in you.

BUT hon…..once you begin to see and to witness your own real truths showing up as real and solid as the earth is round, once you begin to you ride this wave transformation, it’ll be THE BEST WORK YOU WILL EVER DO. It’ll be the best gift you give to yourself. 

How do I know this? Because I went through my own year long self-discovery process that CHANGED. MY. LIFE.

It permanently changed the lens I viewed myself through. It gave me wings to fly far and wide. And, finally, it gave me a voice, a voice to speak my truths.

So you might be asking about now, “why do I need to do this work?”.

Because the world needs your type of light, your unique perspective, your beautiful face to shine and your heart & mind to reign down the wisdom you hold deep inside of you. 

And, because you matter. I want you to find out that your words, your thoughts, your deeds, your all matters.

This is the work I help women in transition in their business do as a Life Coach for Entrepreneurs. And, it is some of the most satisfying work I have ever done.

So, know that being scared is good.

Oh so good! it means that you are earthing, putting down new and stronger roots and growing into the person you were meant to be all along….bold, badass, brave & capable.

And babe, know that all of this is already in you. My job is to shine the light so that YOU can see it too.

- - - - - -  
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