what the heck does "being in balance" even mean?

are you in balance? reading an article the other day in the magazine 'flow" i came upon this question and, very surprisingly, it actually stumped me for a bit.   what does it feel like to be imbalanced?  this then begs the question....

what does being "in balance" even mean?

being in balance

for me, being in balance means there a certain ebb an flow to my day, to my life.   yes, of course, side issues come up and have to be dealt with.  but, for the most part, i go thru my day telling, writing & living one story, my story, one moment at a time.

there are many parts to this story of mine and they don't all happen in harmony.  but guess what?  i believe that that's as it should be.

imagine if everything was even keeled???  what a flipping bore that would be.  then  all the juiciness and serendipity of life will have been stamped out.

let's look at the quiet, serene lives of monks whose lives are all about balance and living in harmony.  at times they, too, must go thru upheaval.  most likely they handle it internally, all thru quiet meditation, but as human beings themselves, it's a given.

we all go thru a gamut of emotions and strife and happiness and solitude { sometimes all crowded into one day i bet }.   monks are just better able to move thru these moments because they practice resting in that state of BE-ingness everyday.

so what, then, is balance?

is it that pinnacle we strive for?  that seemingly out of reach, elusive and intangible frame of mind that, when achieved, life magically switches over to the good and brilliant and wonderful.


balance is more a mindset than a life event.  it is how we encounter and deal with strife.  it's about rationing out one's level of energy so we are not so depleted in the times that we need it.  it's about sustaining ourselves, our lives, our world with sound effort and reasonable thought to move thru with ease and surety.  it's about doing, working with purpose so that we live our lives in a more fulfilled and authentic way.

that, my friend, is living in balance.....not waiting on one side of the scales of life to teeter off and bounce us into the nether world.

so i say live life now, not when you reach it.  if not, you might find life, success and the sweet spots of existing passing you by, while constantly scrambling to achieve the impossible state of balance.

learn to define your balance, your space of happy and content.

live life now live it out loud smile ... be content be there ... in this moment. find your happy

it's your for the taking.

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