how not to let your fears keep you hidden?

how not to let your fears keep you hidden?

Where does your Fear have its grip on you? What has it stopped you from doing more of? How to not let fear keep you hidden so you can reach in to have more and more of your true desires met.

15 lessons to learn from journaling

15 lessons to learn from journaling

I'm not one to say write down your feelings, record your day or spill your guts. Writing your heartwords through journaling is so much more than a spillage of words on paper. It’s about getting in touch with your Soul’s spirit and allowing her words of wisdom and light to come forth. 

an adventure in Catching Stories

an adventure in Catching Stories

Catching Stories is a 14 day journey uncovering the stories in you, bringing them to light to create space for them to the new information to take hold. Join me on Instagram for this fun adventure!

Self-discovery is an ever unfolding process

Self-discovery is an ever unfolding process

Self discovery is all about seeing into that underneath, shadowy space (that's sometimes filled with all the fear and all the doubt) but coming out the other side and finding a brilliant, magical, more powerful you. 

How to journal better

How to journal better

What if every week a prompt showed up in your inbox and all you had to do was commit to the practice. No more thinking of what you’ll write (I know that that can put a serious kink the works big time!) 

Coming full circle :: Putting creativity on hold

Coming full circle :: Putting creativity on hold

I put making books on pause BUT that did not stop the creativity juices from bubbling up. Y'all ever had something like that happen to you? How to let go and still do what you want/need to do.  

How to Make Habits Nurturing & Sustaining

How to Make Habits Nurturing & Sustaining

How can you institute your own game changing play and ditch that stalled train of resolutions?  By changing how you view your habits. Read more for tips on making your New Year count.

A Beautiful Thing Happened

A Beautiful Thing Happened

I invited a few friends to join me in Circle to create space around ritual and breath and to bring their ask from the Universe. I called it "A Gathering of Women" and the profound and beautiful thing about what happened is what I received in return. 

holding tight to holiday family traditions

I'm always struck by how the traditions we hold dear carry us through, each and every season. Traditions long steeped in family, love and legacy. Take a peek into ours and don't forget to share some of your own you find dear.  

Own less : Love more : Live simply

Living simply is about creating a life for yourself in as simple and uncomplicated  way as possible while still enjoying your life. In this post I share 5 tips to help you do just that.

What do you need to say NO to?

Knowing when to say No is almost as equally important as all your beautiful Yes! moments. Because sometimes our Soul's needs must be put first so that we can do the giving to others unencumbered. 

Comfort zones. . . why you need to ditch them

Our comfort zones are comfortable because they have us not taking risks which means we remain small, and continue to hide our brilliant light. Isn't it time to ditch the comfort zones and begin living LIFE again?  

How to Make Vulnerability Work For You Instead of Against you

Why do we stop dead in our tracks when we come face to face with the thing we want? It's all about a teeny tiny thing called TRUST. Find out how I make my own vulnerability work for me and not against me. 

on moving beyond stuck

Something doesn't feel right. You're struggling to figure out which way to go. You've had enough of what you're doing right now. You're stuck. Read on to find ways to move beyond stuck. 

18 before 2018 challenge / let's do this!

So Lisa Jacobs over on threw down the gauntlet the other day. After reading her post I pondered and reflected and thought and twisted my head into knots going back on forth on what she was asking.

  1. Can I do this thing?
  2. Will I be able to tap into the discipline needed?
  3. Do I even want to do this?
  4. Is it a true desire of mine and if not, can I make it one?

You're probably wondering what the heck is she talking about and even more so, what did I do?

I decided to pick up that gauntlet of course! Just what was Lisa's challenge? To list 18 things you want to accomplish before the start of 2018. That’s it. That's all.

Nah, not really. Ha!

Cause now I gotta actually do them, or at least make a serious attempt at them. I mean it's a challenge after all.  Is completing all 18 possible. Yeh. But that's not the point is it?

It's about trying to rock out the rest of my year.  

It's about putting my head down and working hard at the things I want.

It's about that feeling of accomplishment that'll surround me come December 31 and that deep, sweet exhale I'll be happy to let out.

Ok....there are 4 more months left in the year, more than enough time to knock out quite a few of the things on that list. Right?

The answer I came up with was “Girl please you know you can and you will rock it too!!!” That’s exactly what I heard when I took some deep breaths to ask my inner goddess.

2 nights ago I sat down to craft my list and ended up with 32 items I could tackle.

What the heck right????

From that list I whittled it down to the top 18 things I thought that I could complete in this 4 moths time frame but I also listed a variation of business and personal tasks and goals to keep me on my toes and interested enough to want to attempt them.

My list is about where I want to go in 2018, what I need to finish up (not carry thru) in 2017 and those things that I’d been putting off for one or other reason, legitimate or not.

18 before 2018

Of course I had to put in my bullet journal (where else right?) and did a little decorating too.

My question for you then is…..

What's your 18 before 2018?

What tasks are still on your to-do list that you know if you apply some energy to it you’ll can knock it off your list? I've created a FREE downloadable PDF (see form below) that includes questions to help you figure out what you need to put on your list and a checklist to write them out and keep handy.

Answers to these questions is what your 18 BEFORE 2018 List should include. I know that while reading this blog post some of those things have pushed themselves to the surface in your mind.


....and write them suckers down. Get out your notebook or pull out your phone and verbally record them or type them in a new note. This is big y’all!

BIG because 4 months to finish them is so flipping doable and you and I both know it.

I’m throwing down the gauntlet and I want you to pick it up. I think it's a great way to give ourselves that extra push towards the finish line.

At the end of Sept, Oct and Nov I'll be doing a check-in here on the blog. I'm hoping you'll be checking in with me and letting me know how you are doing too. C'mon.....let’s do this!

Toodles y'all,



p.s. I would love to know your thoughts about this challenge AND what's top on your list of 18.

Comment below and let's support each other as we work toward a fricking awesome finish to 2017.  

What's happening. . .

You may remember that I’m in the last days of my training as a life coach (so excited I am …but boy it’s been a long, very involved process!! Whoa.) With September being the last month before certification I had a totally brilliant idea that involves YOU.

For the whole month of September, before my hourly fees go up to their regular rates, I’m offering 1 hour of coaching to you where you get to set the fee for that hour,with the knowledge that further commitment from you is not a part of this offering.


I would love for you to take me up on this offer and have a conversation with me about what's come up in your life that you might need some clarity around. THIS hon, taking this opportunity, is really about self-love. 

To register for this 1 hour of coaching* click here. Remember….you decide your fee + no further commitment from you. hope is that after our time together, you begin to see how I can help you get unstuck from those old patterns that are holding you back from all you want for your life, to let me help you unearth your deepest desires and passions so that you can begin discovering the pieces of your Soul that you didn’t know was there all along.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe there's a space within each of us that holds no fear, insecurity or doubt. It's filled instead with courage, bravery, self-confidence & self-love.

And I want to help you get there. 

NOTE: September Coaching is no longer available. However, if you still feel like you need the help of a life coach please use this link to book you complimentary Discovery Call where I hold space for you to chat about your needs going forward and how we can work together. 


You can't pour from an empty cup :: how to bring in more self-love


one of the things i didn't do for myself ( or knew it was even possible back then ) was to show me some self-love.

it was a concept so foreign to me that I never really thought about it.

a few years ago though ( june 2011 to be exact ), as I began to step into this new phase of mindfulness and awareness, I realized that this one thing, SELF-LOVE, was key to my existence as a whole human being and a self defined, powerhouse of a woman...yeh, I went there!

today I definitely understand the significance of self-love

and the huge impact it can have on my mind, my heart, my Soul and my spirit. 

there's a lot of talk out there in the ether about self-love but before you dismiss this one, hear me out.

some call this practice self-care. I still prefer to use the words SELF-Love, because it is in this act of taking time for ourselves, for our very being that we are able to give so completely and freely to others.

whether that action is a thought or a practice or even just a pause in the busyness, it's about bringing love inward and gracing ourselves with something we so easily can, and should,  give to ourselves more regularly.

and the good part is that for most of these practices there's no waiting around for the right time to do it.  you just do it. I gotta tell you, there's something so sweet and purposefully grounding about allowing our self love to unfurl.

so you might be asking yourself, what the heck does she mean cause it sure sounds different.  what I mean is this,

SELF-Love is about....

  • acts of kindness for one
  • being tender + sometimes passionate + always mindful
  • cherishing the sheer enough-ness of you
  • taking up space
  • finding time to reenergize
  • shoring up the parts of you that need support
  • kindness and compassion directed inward
  • knowing in your deepest space that you are worthy
  • showering yourself  with pure, unadulterated, unselfish love
  • taking that one breath to bring you back to center

when we begin with self-love we begin from center, from that inner goddess space that holds all our truths, our knowings.  it's from this space that we open up and fill up over time, it's from this space that we can now offer all that we have to give because......

You can’t pour from an empty cup.
...fill it up buttercup, fill it up with SELF-Love.
— Grace

If you need help to deep dive into beginning or reestablishing your own SELF-Love practice, I've created an short email course "5 days of SELF-Love" that takes you through 5 lessons of SELF-Love plus how to make space for yourself in a kind and loving way.

take care of yourself.  begin now.

till next time,


To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance  ~ Oscar Wilde