18 Before 2018: September Check-in


How well did you do in you first 30 days? 

We’re you able to cross anything off your list yet?

Still working diligently on your 18?

Or did you forget you made that list? No worries. Grace to the rescue (somewhat).  

I’ve going to give you an accounting of each of my 18 before 2018 and let you know where things stand for me. Maybe seeing how I faired will help you either keep going or jumpstart you to success.  

Here goes.... 

1. Create 50 watercolor abstracts  

...for the month of September I’ve created 6 but I already had 9 completed before I began the challenge. My main outlet for creativity was making journals. Now that I’ve paused that (see this FB post to find out he dish on that) my hands are itching to get back to some sort of art, hence 50 watercolours.



2. Restart “Soul Speak with Grace”   

...I’ve started the restart but it’ll take a little bit to mark it done (if you haven’t a clue what I’m talking go here). I started a video series on my YouTube channel talking about life and how to help you deal with it.

Here’s how I describe these vids ...”Speaking from my heart and Soul to yours and journaling our journey.”. I’ve actually batch recorded a couple of audio minisodes that I’ll be editing and uploading to my channel. 

3. Restart my household chores  

...I’ve been so lax with cleaning of late. Thankfully hubby and kids have stepped up and taken over my chores where necessary but I’m feeling guilty, hence adding this one to my list. The schedule has not been made but I have started taking over my regular chores again. I know my fam is happy about that.  

4. Find/hire a marketing guru  

...I don’t like marketing. There I said it. But I do like making connections and that’s what I’ve begun to call marketing. So, to that end I’ve joined a cool club to help me get over my resistance (it’s actually Lisa Jacob’s The Luminary Club, originator of the 18 b4 2018 challenge).

I am learning so, so much already with the workshops she offers in this membership club. So I guess you could say I found my marketing guru....it’s me. Ha! But I’m still searching for someone who can take over this part of my business on a long tern basis. 

5. Start saving for family trip next year  

...done. And I’ve set it up to be done automatically so don’t even have to think about if I remembered to transfer the funds. Yes to technology. Girl is smiling over here.  

6. Set a schedule for work  

...done. For the most part am keeping to it as well. Yay me!!!!

7. Meet new DIL  

...not done. Yet. Ok so the deal with this is my son has a new girlfriend and I’m thinking she’s the one so I’m putting this one out there to help them along. Nuff said.  

8. Host 1st monthly gathering at house

...my youngest son came to me a few months back about having friends over and it got me to thinking. We’re still fairly new in Portland and what better way to welcome in our new friends that to host a monthly gathering at the house. Have talked to hubby and he’s on board, in fact, he loves the idea.

This one has a strict timetable we need to adhere to because we need to consider that people’s schedules fill up as we get closer to the holidays. Will check back in on this one. 

9. Get CLCC certified  

...almost there y’all! One more hour of coaching to go before I fulfil my required hours and the rest of the requirements are on target to be completed by the end of this week. It’s happening!

10. Eat well, exercise, don’t fret  

...I think don’t fret is the biggest part of this one. Sometime eat well, Sometimes I exercise. Being more consistent with both would make me (and my body) happier but the don’t fret when it doesn’t happen is key to my success in this lifestyle change.

11. Launch JC/JWC  

...That’s a relaunch of Journal Circle and a launch of JOY Work Circle, my group coaching program. I want to do both but know that’ll land me in overwhelm so my workaround is to try to combine the 2. Mmmmh.... Not sure, not sure. Thoughts you have for me on that idea would be greatly appreciated. Of the 2 which one would you be interested in taking part in? 

12. Join a top level Mastermind group

...I belong to a few wonderful groups and I love the time I spend online with them. Thing is, I’m going BIG (have you read Tara Mohr’s book ”Playing Big” yet? Do. It’s that good). That’s my plan and one of the ways I can play BIG is to play with other BIG players, those who have reached further up the ladder than me. That’s what I’m asking The Universe to manifest for me.

13. End year with 5 paying clients  

...is this one a stretch? I think not but I am doing the things necessary to help make it happen. Stay tuned. Or better yet, schedule your Discovery Call so we can begin working together. 

14. Make $3000 in business by year end  

...I have 3 more months to make this happen. Will work in tandem with #13 above. 

15. Master marketing my way  

...what has helped me a great deal is to purge my original idea of marketing and deciding instead to call it Making Connections. Definitely makes it easier to go to that space now and do the work that’s needed. Plus, I really want to make these connections with you and other women I want to serve.

16. Be consistent with JLT Notes & blog posts

...the postings here have now become somewhat regular. I now actually think about writing the post and am actively finding topics to write about (this post for instance). Writing my newsletter, what I call my JOY Love Notes, needs work. By the end of the year I hope to have both of these up and running and getting out there to you consistently. 

17. Begin working with a business coach  

...I want this so I’m putting it out there (like #7 & 12) so the Universe can ruminate whether this should be a this year thing or save for 2018. I’m open either way. 

18. Pause.  Breath.  Repeat    

...I’ve started breath work when things start getting into overwhelm. The purpose of this one is to avoid that stage altogether. Adding the pause it to gives my mind a break and allow my inner goddess wisdom to roll in.