How to Make Vulnerability Work For You Instead of Against you

Why do we stop dead in our tracks when we come face to face with the thing we want? It's all about a teeny tiny thing called TRUST. Find out how I make my own vulnerability work for me and not against me. 

18 Before 2018: Sept Check-in

A brief summary of each of my 18 before 2018 to let you know where things stand for me. Maybe seeing how I faired will help you either keep going or jumpstart you to success.

What's your you-ness about?


Usually we don't think about this question do we?

what's your you-ness about? 

But, what is there about you that makes you, well......YOU? Take a moment to think about the things about you that can't be separated from who you are, that so completely identifies you and leaves no doubt about their veracity?  

Are some answers already coming to mind? In my last post I wrote about moving on from being stuck. I believe that one of the ways to move through these periods of time is to know oneself. 

I first posed this question as a prompt in The Month of SELF-Love back in February of 2016.

It's also why I created the guide "Create Your Own Personal Manifesto", as a FREE downloadable pdf to help those who haven't a clue or want to revisit what their you-ness is about. 

On Instagram recently I wrote this post as Part 1 of the re-introduction of me as I step into my new role as a Life Coach. And I thought this would be a perfect time to revisit my answers to this question as Part 2 of the re-ntroduction of Grace. 

And you know what? My answers are all still the same! This IS my you-ness* to a tee! 

[*I know, I know, you-ness is not a real word, but it could be, right?]


So here goes....

choose 5 words to describe your YOU-ness and write why.  

1.  Quiet - I wanted to use the word introvert, which i know i am, but the word quiet describes me much better.  

I crave alone time.  I love the quietness of the house when everyone is gone, doing their thing and there are no sounds in the house......well, except the snoring of #coopthedog.

I've never felt it necessary to fill the air with talk.  you know, to talk for the sake of talking.  I internalize things quite a lot and think them thru in my mind. What's my superpower?  Being quiet.   Oh definitely, yes.


2.  Authentic - I know what you're thinking. it's a word that's used quite often these days (the proverbial buzz word) but it truly describes me, my outlook on life and my value set.  

I believe in working and living from my core center, accessing that place inside that lets me be me and bringing that to the forefront at all times.  

One of my favourite hashtags is #inthismoment. When I use it, part of the call is stepping in authenticity with my own type of grace and power, BE-ing focused in that one moment in time, capturing all of me in one quick, fleeting instance.


3.  Vibrant-  growing up I was so quiet that, looking back I think I missed out on all things fun.  I've learned over the years that not only do I have a voice but that I needed to let go of holding back and thoroughly enjoy myself. I mean why not, right?.  

For me that means belting out a song or taking dance breaks or surrounding myself with bright, vibrant over-the-top colours.  

Being vibrant for me means not being afraid to make mistakes or say the wrong thing or being embarrassed by being "seen". Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived and, I do so knowingly now.  A vibrant creative...that's me ya'll!


4. Observant - from as long as I can remember I have been a keen observer of people, their behaviours and quirks (must have been channelling life coaching way back then too!)  

I am continually fascinated with the hows & whys of us human beings as we move thru life.  

Being observant is exactly how I found the "forest nymph" below (she was sitting in a clearing as we hiked down a path. I had to turn back and ask for a photo),

forest nymph.jpeg

Being observant is how I know my kids need a kind word rather than a stern voice (despite the fact that the wrong they did probably deserved the latter).

I can take in a whole lot of info in at once and totally love that aspect about me.

5. Meticulous - I think I have OCD. No really.....well maybe not, lol. It might be just OCD tendencies cause I really prefer things orderly (see #4 above). If something's not in order, I notice it and it will messed with my brain enough as I'm working or watching tv that I have to fix or straighten.

confession: I love to see things lined properly, just a small quirk of mine

I've always been more of a rule follower but, over the years, have slowly been breaking that boring habit.  Because of my meticulous nature, however you'll know things will be done really well but, most definitely, I'm gonna have fun doing it. And, if you're around, be prepared to laugh....often.

Phew!  There you have it, a little bit more about me. Now it's your turn. Grab a piece of paper and write down 5 words that describes your YOU-ness. 

Leave a comment below telling us one of the 5 words you came up with that makes you soooooo you. I would definitely love to know. 



on moving beyond stuck


Something doesn't feel right.

You're struggling to figure out which way to go.

You've had enough of what you're doing right now. You're stuck. 

Figuring out the why or the what of your next step can be scary and, sometimes, debilitating. 

It can bring up all the old patterns of procrastination and fear and doubt that tends to do just the opposite.....hold you in place rather than propel you forward.

You would think that making even the tiniest of changes should be a walk in the park, right? But making a change in your life, in your job, in a relationship can take you to a level of anxiety that's unreal.  

But know this. . .change is still possible. 

It doesn't matter that you haven't a clue what it looks like or how it's gonna happen or the fact that all manner of crazy shite is going on in and around you and you're thinking this cannot be the time to change things up.

It is still all possible. The task in front of you is to take that all important first step. I call this phase "The What".

First things first, you need to identify the underlying problem. Not knowing where you're stuck makes it hard to figure out how to move beyond it.

Take the necessary time to ask the questions and, more importantly, listen for the answers. Figuring out what's holding you back is crucial to removing the block you're experiencing. 

What follows is a list of the things I do when I'm faced with knowing change is needed but not knowing what I need or better yet, what my heart desires that change to be…


I think many of you know me as a maker of journals. Well that's putting the cart before the horse a bit. First, I am a journaler, have been for many, many years and it's the one of the first things I think to do when things are muddled up in that grey matter area. 

Journaling is the best way to discover the who of you

So my first advice is to put pen to paper so you can reach inside of you to find yourself, to begin the journey to your what. 

It's still surprises me over the years when I read back what I have written, how insightful my own written words are. Some small nugget of nested words, that I hadn't picked up on yet, will jump out at me and the insight I gain from them years later is invaluable. 

That's not to say what you write today cannot help you right now. The purpose of this is to get out of your head and into your heart, into that space inside you that holds all the answers if only you'd care to listen. 

I call this writing your heartwords. Cause that's exactly what they are....words from your heart to you. 


Sometimes words are hard to come by, I know. So the next best thing is to play a kid's word association game. For us adults it's called mind mapping (but if you wanna be a kid for an hour instead be my guest) . 

What does mind mapping do? It tickles the brain to think outside of it's normal parameters, to think outside of the box. Once you start the process, and the word association gets going, there's no telling where you'll end up. And THAT, hon, is the point. 

We are all really good at putting constraints on ourselves, at limiting our thoughts and our capabilities. This exercise to help you find your 'what' does the trick of getting us outside of our comfort zone thinking to access those deeper desires of ours we often keep hidden from view, even from ourselves.


Sometimes the act of just speaking your thoughts out loud can give a little breathing space to an issue and ease the constant think that seems never ending. And, the beauty of talking to a trusted friend or family member is that you’ll also get the extra support you might need. 

Talking things out lets you bring some light to a situation, allowing space for a solution to show up. It can help release some of the pressure you feel trying to make that hard decision. 

Talking it out means you’ll have another person working on your behalf. As you work together to brainstorm possible ideas to get unstuck. 


If you're the creative type (and even if you're not) get out some magazines, a book of poems (that you're willing to cut up), a pair of scissors and a glue stick and have at it. Better yet, do it after your mind map session (now there's a thought!)

Although words are my go to, I am a visual person. I see things in pictures all the time. Wouldn't it be lovely to conjure up some images to fit the words you wrote, maybe even to visualizing the future you want.

Or, if you choose not to write words first, I invite you to sit quiet and still for a few minutes then pull out your books of images and cut what you felt, what you witnessed in that quiet meditation. 

Go on a journey with yourself and allow whatever comes up to just be. Don't censure yourself. If an image resonates but it doesn't make sense to you at the moment, tear it out anyway. 

How do I know this? 

Recently, in an online course I took, the assignment was to find my Spirit Guide. Easy enough right? I gotta tell you tho, this task was actually hard for me.  After 2-3 minutes of leafing through a few magazine trying to see what images, if any, resonated, I came across one of a redheaded girl. 

I stopped for a quick sec then quickly turned the page.  A redhead? For me? Surely not…right? (have you seen a pic of me?????, lol) But, as I scrolled through page after page, she kept calling to me. In the end I had to listen to my intuition and go back to tear it out to glue into my journal. 

Meet Candy JOY. 

Spirit guide-CandyJOY.JPG

She's my carefree playful side.

Her job is to get me to that place of carefree, giddy, dancing with the kids in the middle of the kitchen, trying new & different things, enjoying the moments of pure JOY, just because and anything else she can think of for me to stop and enjoy life. 

She has me thinking less about lack and more about living life to the fullest. 

She’s also there to help me step more into “done is good enough”. Because that perfection thing is definitely overrated and she's got other, more fun things in mind for my time. 

Remember, what we resist persists. 

Think about this.....getting stuck is the Universe’s way of letting you know that change needs to happen.

What worked before is not a part of the picture anymore and no amount of trying to force things a certain way or getting stuck in the shoulda, coulda, woulda mind game will move you from that place of stuck.

It’s time for a new way of thinking. If things are pulling at you from all sides, first try a few of the suggestions I mention above.

From darkness there can be light.  Begin with this. 



p.s. What's worked for you to get you out of stuck? Leave a comment below to share your experience.

18 before 2018 challenge / let's do this!

So Lisa Jacobs over on threw down the gauntlet the other day. After reading her post I pondered and reflected and thought and twisted my head into knots going back on forth on what she was asking.

  1. Can I do this thing?
  2. Will I be able to tap into the discipline needed?
  3. Do I even want to do this?
  4. Is it a true desire of mine and if not, can I make it one?

You're probably wondering what the heck is she talking about and even more so, what did I do?

I decided to pick up that gauntlet of course! Just what was Lisa's challenge? To list 18 things you want to accomplish before the start of 2018. That’s it. That's all.

Nah, not really. Ha!

Cause now I gotta actually do them, or at least make a serious attempt at them. I mean it's a challenge after all.  Is completing all 18 possible. Yeh. But that's not the point is it?

It's about trying to rock out the rest of my year.  

It's about putting my head down and working hard at the things I want.

It's about that feeling of accomplishment that'll surround me come December 31 and that deep, sweet exhale I'll be happy to let out.

Ok....there are 4 more months left in the year, more than enough time to knock out quite a few of the things on that list. Right?

The answer I came up with was “Girl please you know you can and you will rock it too!!!” That’s exactly what I heard when I took some deep breaths to ask my inner goddess.

2 nights ago I sat down to craft my list and ended up with 32 items I could tackle.

What the heck right????

From that list I whittled it down to the top 18 things I thought that I could complete in this 4 moths time frame but I also listed a variation of business and personal tasks and goals to keep me on my toes and interested enough to want to attempt them.

My list is about where I want to go in 2018, what I need to finish up (not carry thru) in 2017 and those things that I’d been putting off for one or other reason, legitimate or not.

18 before 2018

Of course I had to put in my bullet journal (where else right?) and did a little decorating too.

My question for you then is…..

What's your 18 before 2018?

What tasks are still on your to-do list that you know if you apply some energy to it you’ll can knock it off your list? I've created a FREE downloadable PDF (see form below) that includes questions to help you figure out what you need to put on your list and a checklist to write them out and keep handy.

Answers to these questions is what your 18 BEFORE 2018 List should include. I know that while reading this blog post some of those things have pushed themselves to the surface in your mind.


....and write them suckers down. Get out your notebook or pull out your phone and verbally record them or type them in a new note. This is big y’all!

BIG because 4 months to finish them is so flipping doable and you and I both know it.

I’m throwing down the gauntlet and I want you to pick it up. I think it's a great way to give ourselves that extra push towards the finish line.

At the end of Sept, Oct and Nov I'll be doing a check-in here on the blog. I'm hoping you'll be checking in with me and letting me know how you are doing too. C'mon.....let’s do this!

Toodles y'all,



p.s. I would love to know your thoughts about this challenge AND what's top on your list of 18.

Comment below and let's support each other as we work toward a fricking awesome finish to 2017.  

What's happening. . .

You may remember that I’m in the last days of my training as a life coach (so excited I am …but boy it’s been a long, very involved process!! Whoa.) With September being the last month before certification I had a totally brilliant idea that involves YOU.

For the whole month of September, before my hourly fees go up to their regular rates, I’m offering 1 hour of coaching to you where you get to set the fee for that hour,with the knowledge that further commitment from you is not a part of this offering.


I would love for you to take me up on this offer and have a conversation with me about what's come up in your life that you might need some clarity around. THIS hon, taking this opportunity, is really about self-love. 

To register for this 1 hour of coaching* click here. Remember….you decide your fee + no further commitment from you. hope is that after our time together, you begin to see how I can help you get unstuck from those old patterns that are holding you back from all you want for your life, to let me help you unearth your deepest desires and passions so that you can begin discovering the pieces of your Soul that you didn’t know was there all along.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe there's a space within each of us that holds no fear, insecurity or doubt. It's filled instead with courage, bravery, self-confidence & self-love.

And I want to help you get there. 

NOTE: September Coaching is no longer available. However, if you still feel like you need the help of a life coach please use this link to book you complimentary Discovery Call where I hold space for you to chat about your needs going forward and how we can work together. 


You can't pour from an empty cup :: how to bring in more self-love


one of the things i didn't do for myself ( or knew it was even possible back then ) was to show me some self-love.

it was a concept so foreign to me that I never really thought about it.

a few years ago though ( june 2011 to be exact ), as I began to step into this new phase of mindfulness and awareness, I realized that this one thing, SELF-LOVE, was key to my existence as a whole human being and a self defined, powerhouse of a woman...yeh, I went there!

today I definitely understand the significance of self-love

and the huge impact it can have on my mind, my heart, my Soul and my spirit. 

there's a lot of talk out there in the ether about self-love but before you dismiss this one, hear me out.

some call this practice self-care. I still prefer to use the words SELF-Love, because it is in this act of taking time for ourselves, for our very being that we are able to give so completely and freely to others.

whether that action is a thought or a practice or even just a pause in the busyness, it's about bringing love inward and gracing ourselves with something we so easily can, and should,  give to ourselves more regularly.

and the good part is that for most of these practices there's no waiting around for the right time to do it.  you just do it. I gotta tell you, there's something so sweet and purposefully grounding about allowing our self love to unfurl.

so you might be asking yourself, what the heck does she mean cause it sure sounds different.  what I mean is this,

SELF-Love is about....

  • acts of kindness for one
  • being tender + sometimes passionate + always mindful
  • cherishing the sheer enough-ness of you
  • taking up space
  • finding time to reenergize
  • shoring up the parts of you that need support
  • kindness and compassion directed inward
  • knowing in your deepest space that you are worthy
  • showering yourself  with pure, unadulterated, unselfish love
  • taking that one breath to bring you back to center

when we begin with self-love we begin from center, from that inner goddess space that holds all our truths, our knowings.  it's from this space that we open up and fill up over time, it's from this space that we can now offer all that we have to give because......

You can’t pour from an empty cup.
...fill it up buttercup, fill it up with SELF-Love.
— Grace

If you need help to deep dive into beginning or reestablishing your own SELF-Love practice, I've created an short email course "5 days of SELF-Love" that takes you through 5 lessons of SELF-Love plus how to make space for yourself in a kind and loving way.

take care of yourself.  begin now.

till next time,


To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance  ~ Oscar Wilde

how to begin saying YES to the things you want

We're always being told we need to say no to those things that take time away from us BUT, we also have to remember to say YES.


Back in June I had a chance to attend the Focus on Bookarts Conference here in Oregon. For 5 consecutive days I left my house way too early in the morning to drive about an hour to class then drive back home each evening. Long days indeed.

In the days leading up to the start of the conference, realizing the long hours I would be keeping, I kept thinking....why in the world did I say yes to taking all these darn classes? What the heck was I thinking committing to five full 11-hour days in a row???

Why indeed? Because back in January I chose to give myself this gift.

I chose to say YES to me.

Choosing YES to me meant saying no to taking work related classes, ones that would definitely enhance what I do in business but would not be about enjoying life and making new friends and learning from instructors all just for the sake of having fun and being knee deep in creativity.

Last year I read the book The Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes and boy did it open my eyes up more to the "No!" conundrum we can find ourselves in when trying to make sound decisions for our lives. Aside from the insight I gained from the words she wrote, you know what happens when you begin to say YES to you? 

A whole world of possibility opens up for you.

And, by saying your YES out loud, you allow the Universe to hear you, to hear your desires and begin working on your behalf.

My biggest YES to me moment happened about 3-ish yrs ago after a very upsetting argument with the hubs, one in a long line of many arguments back then. I needed to walk away for a breather and, as I sat on the deck looking at our beautiful back garden that he mostly created, mulling over where to go from here,

I knew what I had to do, what I must do.

In those few moments of introspection, reflection and Soul searching I had decided to say YES to me.  But, I also knew that it was gonna rock everything right up. 

Hubby andwere at a difficult period in our marriage and, even after another year of marriage therapy behind us, deep, deep down inside I knew something had to give. I had had enough of a whole slew of things — where we lived, how we were living and, sadly, who I was living with — and I knew enough about myself and where I was in my own path { to be my best and highest self } that if I didn’t say YES to a complete change, of purpose, of intention & of city, I would lose myself in between the cracks.

Hubs came to find me about 20 minutes later and, without beating around the bush, I told him what I was planning to do. I had decided I was moving to Portland, not we….I was moving.

As women, as mothers and even as wives and partners, our needs and desires can sometimes come somewhere lower down on the priority scale but despite this priority down scale we so regularly take part in, our needs and desires don't just disappear.

Sometimes we willingly (or unwillingly) bury them under a whole lot of of what I like to call "a sh*t ton for others". 

After a about 5 full minutes digesting what I had said......hubby actually agreed with me. He knew as well as I did that we weren’t doing good and, for the good of us as a couple and for the best intentions of our family, something needed to, something HAD to change. We ended up talking all night and, come morning, once the decision to move was set in stone, it was full steam ahead.

That one YES was me was me giving myself permission.

It was me allowing my own needs to take precedence. And, I gotta tell you, it completely changed the trajectory of our family but especially our marriage in a very good way. More importantly, we are all definitely stronger for it.

So I want you to ask yourself.....NOPE, I want you to ask your Soul what she needs you to say Yes to….and what do you need to let go in order to have your Yes. Cause remember…

Your YES matters.

Need some help figuring out your YES? Download my FREE guide 6 Steps to Help You Say YES to what you want to help you on your Yes to You journey.

Take care,

Signature in red

p.s.  I talk more about saying YES in this recent minisode of Soul Speak with Grace.

daily snippet: july 22

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~ jeanette leblanc ~


i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  ( let's do this! )

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

flipping heck! creating art scares me right now.  stand at my art table thinking about what to do or hate what i've create.

what the flip is that about?  i've been creative ALL my darn life and in the last few years the wanting to do art, that drive to create has dulled in me and, at the same time i'm also feeling meh....  can't figure this one out yet. may be because i'm concentrating so much on the business end of things....setting all manner of things up for my coaching practice....that my brain can't focus on creative as well.

but i think i miss it.  i think. nah, i do cause i still get thrills watching artists do their thing.  or is that just my appreciation for art in any form and the work that artists produce.  big ole question mark in this for now.


= = = = = = = = = = = =

are you in this blocked phase too?  what do you do to get back to creating? leave a comment below about how you get past this phase.  that’s it for now.



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daily snippet :: july 15 (I'm back)

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~ jeanette leblanc ~



i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily { let's do this! )

= = = = = = = = = = = =


a pre-note

my last daily snippet was last year november.  wow,  who knew how shook up i would get about events that took place back then.  i remember being in turmoil for a good few days and knew that sharing my words would be impossible to do because, truly,  i had none....things shook me up and a whole lot of other people that badly.  

if you received the latest JLT Note i sent out this week you will have read about my most recent turmoil and how I want to move forward.  one of those things is getting back to sharing some of my daily  journaling snippets with you.  i've actually continued to journal on and off.  seems i  just stopped journaling out loud. hope you're keeping up with your journaling.  cheers for getting back on the wagon.

here goes.....

daily snippet

feel so good about the way this week has ended.  well, except for waking up feeling like crap yesterday morn with a drippy nose, irritated sinuses and no energy to do anything.  staying on the couch with my trusty phone nearby to peruse instagram and other such things seemed like the right thing to do.  but of course, because it's down time, my head gets free reign to think all manner of thoughts unchecked. ugh. that's  cause she's not being overtaken by work thoughts.

one the things that made helped end the week on a high was that i managed to get a chance to be on the live call for my magic making circle group and even chose to unmute myself to speak.  love that H was so excited to hear my voice. THAT FELT AWESOME!  to know that just the sound of my voice could induce someone to smile wide at my presence, mmmh..  but one question immediately came up ( cause that's how my crazy head rolls darn it! ) .....I made YOU that happy???? impossible!  but no, still dealing with those worth issues. ugh.

but, omg i love that women. she doesn't know it but she is my spirit and circle mentor and one of these days  will let her of these days. ha!

last month we did the "she was" prompt. thinking i need to create a page in my art journal using it.  maybe later today.

She was afraid

She was scared shitless

She was floundering

She was capable

She was unsure

She was waiting

She was not ready for the profound change she knew she needed but the BIGness of it always stopped her

But that is not who she wants to be anymore

she is..........waiting for the magic



= = = = = = = = = = = =


remember, in your journal is the space where you get to be free, open up and write the words on your heart.  be willing to go deep...and deeper still.  that’s it for now.




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3 tips to help get you past the doldrums


we both know....the doldrums suck. But theres a way to get past those moments of blah

everybody, at one point or another goes thru this ….you know, the doldrums.  that period of time when you know nothing is really wrong but, at the same time, nothing feels right.

yup, you’re in the middle of the doldrums.

things are dull ... you feel listless and down ... nothing gets done and it seems like you’re drowning in the yucks.

what do YOU do when that happens?  

wallow? go the self pity route? cry? I’ve done each one of these before and lordy, it wasn’t pretty and it didn't help one whit.

listen, Itotally get it.  it can seem like you’ll never get to the other side of these down-in the dumps feelings*. you feel so bleh and nothing motivates you. 

every single time it happened to me I could not shake it but deep down, even as I'm binge watching a 2nd hour on netflix (yeh I know),  I knew I had to do something different.

for me, in order to help bump me back into a getting-things-done mode, and after much resistance on my part, I started doing these 3 things:

1. acknowledge that it's happening

because denial does no one any good. recognizing that you're in the middle of the yucks is one of the most important parts of releasing it.  you can't release what you don't know, especially if you are choosing not to see it (yeh oh yes, this one chickadee).

2. allow space for those feelings to show up

allowing the space for it is about checking in ( you know...with that inner wisdom in you) to see what the underlying problem could be. why have the doldrums showed up? what's the feeling behind it? dig a little here....or journal.

3. not beating yourself up about it

your inner critic will try to show up right about now but in acknowledging what's happening (#1) and dealing with it in a proactive, open way (#2) you give her less room to step in and start doing her thing.

- - - - - - - -

when there's something on our minds but we are in go, go, go mode, that thing we're not thinking about just sits around the periphery waiting it's turn to speak. but it's also taking up a big chunk of the CPU of your brains hence...the doldrums!

one of the many things I’ve learned going thru this life coaching course I'm on is that sometimes we need to just sit with a thing.

yup, just sit in a thing and let it move thru us instead of trying always to push it away. when I push it away that's the work ethic in me rising to the surface and, instead what I should be doing is allowing space for my feelings and working thru them because they are there for a reason.

remember in the previous Soul Speak minisode I talked about when the inner critic shows up she’s trying to tell you something? so are those feelings of listlessness and unrest. But if we constantly push away from feeling them we won't know how to serve ourselves in the long run.

it's as if experiencing those feeling as they come up is our way out.  sometime resistance is necessary and sometimes, love, it just gets in the way.  


I have things that need to get done, projects that need to be worked on, ideas I want to get out there into the world.  and a set of doldrums does not help me move in a forward motion.

in the example I give in the Soul Speak video above (click image to listen) I could not cease the doldrums that whole week. I woke up bleh each day.  

it was only when, for the 3rd time in as many days, my son asked if I was okay, I realized I was trying hard not to be bleh but wasn't doing a very good job of pushing it away.  it still showed up.

that's when I paused and knew I had to take 5 or 10 minutes to sit in silence.

I had to help those feelings move thru me rather than crowd around me blocking my view, but also, preventing me from engaging with my family and with the things I wanted to accomplish that week. 

when I eventually let my feelings surface, I realized that I was still upset that hubby and I hadn't resolved an issue before he left on a business trip.  this unresolved issue was still sitting around taking up space in my mind and not allowing me to completely focus on my work (AND, this girl ain't got no time for that!!) 

when you're hit with the doldrums...

move thru your feelings. write down what's coming up about them but definitely don't brush them aside. they are present for a reason. your job is to find out why and help them process thru you. let them instead be a beacon of light to move you away from the darkness that continues to shade and obscure.  

let your moments of doubt and uncertainty propel you forward, lift you up, shine a light on what needs to happen for fulfilment and possibility and truth to reign.

when those bleh feelings come up, allow them space, but be prepared to listen to their message. they are telling you something you need to pay attention to, those inner whisperings of your Soul.

we human beings are a funny, complicated bunch but we do have tools and resources to help us ride the wave.  go write.  write what your heart needs to express and let them guide you to shore to begin again and, that the Universe has your back.

take care,


* please know when I talk about the doldrums I'm not talking about depression, which is a serious condition.  if you feel you are experiencing ongoing depressive thoughts, please contact a mental health professional.

how to work WITH your inner critic


do you find that your inner critic shows up the most when you are stressed to the max?

I know with certainty that lady IC picks that exact moment to show up, but the problem is, I still need to get some work done. 

she's got some serious power that one, and SHE KNOWS IT too.  she can start in on those regular patterns of self-doubt and before you know it you're a slip slide away from overwhelm. 

is this you too?

she knows exactly how to get you to back down and one of her faves is to use the old "who do you think you are" ploy.  it's at that point that, despite the reasoning, the why's of any given situation, you tend to give in cause you know....she's won, again.  

then you might start down this road instead....

  • "the nerve of me thinking I can attempt this gargantuan { not really but that's how she makes it out to be } task...."
  • "the nerve of me thinking I can ask for what I need.
  • "the flipping nerve of me thinking I deserve anything good. 

You can choose to continue down the same road road with your inner critic and end up at the same place...nowhere, and still stuck.

...but I have a better solution.

take a listen to the latest minisode of Soul Speak with Grace where I give a a few suggestions on how to deal more effectively with YOUR inner critic.


remember, don't forget to keep journaling your heartwords. 

Take care,



p.s.  If, after watching the video, your finding that you need help sorting through things in your life in a deeper way to help uncover your whys, let's talk and find out just what your inner critic is so worked up about. Schedule your call here.

Stepping up to the plate and swinging

fields and sky.jpg

In any given moment we have 2 choices step forward into growth, or back into safety ~ Abraham Maslow

in one of my coach training sessions recently where I was the client I got some serious clarity around something that has been an ongoing issue for me for a while, one that you've heard me talk about here on the blog.

....shining my light.  I have struggled with this for a long as I can remember.

now don't get me wrong, I WANT to be out there, to step up to the plate and swing and hit the hell outta that ball. and I mean an outta-the-ball-park kinda swing.  but what stops me every single time is that same onerous thing that hangs me up every time....shining my light.

my coach asked me a question and, after a little pondering, it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on my head. thunk!  the shining my light thing is not present in Grace, the person who lives her life every day, solid in knowing who she is.

she fricking rocks the light!  

she is very comfortable shining as bright as she can, at any time.  this issue only comes into play these days when she, when I put on my Grace in business hat.

duh!  that was such a revelation to me.  the 2 Grace's are in so very different realms.  

now granted, I've worked on myself  { and my self confidence } a lot over the last 20+ years, so much so that being the center of attention and doing my thang just doesn't bother me anymore. { phew!  that's good to know cause boy was I a wallflower }.

what I didn't know, until i had that discussion with my coach last week, was that there were 2 parts of me.  I truly thought they were one and the same.  that the confident, authentic me was the same person I was in business.

now don't get me wrong, being authentic and real in business are personal core values I bring to the table every day.

what I came away with from that session is that business Grace sometimes most times avoids the light.  what I also know is that business Grace has gotta step up to the damn plate and just swing.

you ever just get so tired of the battle waging inside of you that you just wanna say, eff it...gimme the bat and let me just take a swing?

yup, that's how I'm feeling right about now.  because sometimes that's what the moment calls for.

enough bullshitting around, enough studying and researching and making everything perfect so the outcome could be perfect as well.  

STEP UP TO THE PLATE....and just swing already!

stop waiting for the ultimate time, the right circumstances, getting all the fricking ducks in a row only to find out one is missing and then wanting to hide out some more { this one is so me }

do it!  swing.

...let go of not knowing the outcome.

...let go of wanting perfection { it's overrated ya know }.

...let go of wishing and wanting and never doing.

...let go of the rumble deep down inside that happens every time you think about setting foot outside your comfort zone 

...let go of the doubt and the anxiety

...let go of the thoughts of embarrassment of IT not happening { or IT happening and failing ....yeh, that one too }

...let go of control { this one is H a r d }

it's all good. you know why? cause you can have a do over.

heck, you can have as many do overs as you's your baby, your thing to birth, your thing to bring light to, your turn to shine.

SHINE baby, shine.

cause that's what biz Grace is going to do.  watch me glow. 

remember, you got this. { no really, you do }

take care,


p.s. the next Soul Speak with Grace minisode that also talks about this subject is up. Check it out here.

did you know....

that in order to help you swing the heck outta that bat you'll need to bring on the SELF love?  yup, you do. 

for a limited time i'll be offering to all JOY Love Tribe members a 25% discount on my SELF Love Kit and it's companion e-course, 5 Days of SELF-Love.  the course is a beautiful process to help you turn some Love inward { with compassion } so you can step up and swing!

Note: coupon has expired

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Courage to release the familiar and embrace the new

pink magnolia.jpg

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is not meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and the exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power ~ Andy Cohen

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - change there is power.


in yesterday's minisode of Soul Speak with Grace i talk about paying attention and course correcting, and how in order to manifest that change we first need to see, then do.  that means paying attention to what's going on in you and around you, then course correct when needed.


as i mention in the video, one of my favourite ways to bring in a new season is to check in on my WOTY.  this year my word of the year is "and..." such a simple word but I think it speaks volumes for my life in 2017.  but you might be asking right about now.....

what does my WOTY have to do with paying attention and course correcting?

in order to course correct one needs to pay attention to where you are.  as well, you need to have some sort of inkling of where you want to be.

my WOTY does that for me and it's why i constantly check in with it.  right now in particular because the life coaching training i'm participating in will be transitioning in about a month to a different aspect of the program.

because i want to connect this new adventurous phase of mine with the journaling part of my business, this paying attention gets me to begin thinking about how i want to implement this change { the 2nd part of this 2-parter....course correcting }.  so my question for you is...

what do you need to pay more attention to?

where do you need to hold up the mirror or, better yet, a magnifying glass in your life, in your job or your business, in your relationships, in your health in order to begin course correcting?

because when we tune in, it's these Soul whispers that ultimately guides and steer us along our path....if we choose to listen.

it's your turn.  get out your journal and write the heartwords that will help create a clearer picture for you to begin your course correcting.

[bctt tweet="In change there is power  ~Andy Cohen " username="kgracehowes"]

toodles, Grace

p.s.  don't forget to leave a note in the comments { or by email } on what comes up for you after listening to the video

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Something new is brewing and you're gonna like it

 it's been a while hasn't it?

life. it gets you. and you have to deal in or check out.

#coopthedog and something new

for a while there circumstances had me checking into life hard and deep { we lost a family member in december } and everything else had to take a back seat so that i could support them and be supported myself as we planned for a thing we wished we didn't have to.

today, we're all still going thru the motions while also trying to pick up the millions pieces our lives got shattered into.

fresh perspective is what sorrowful events like this gives you.  when i got back home to my studio in january i took time to evaluate how i wanted this blog to exist, if even i wanted it to at all.

i started this blog back in 2007, or the iteration it was before i made it part of my business officially.  back then it was a place to showcase my art quilts and sell my hand dyed fabrics.  it has definitely evolved since then but, unfortunately for me, how i thought about it hadn't changed. this led to it becoming a chore and a hit and miss on when i posted.  no good right?

for the new year i made the decision not to blog anymore. i told my business mastermind group my decision and it felt good.  the pressure was off.  i could commit to just posting on insta { love that space!!!! }


i missed the sharing i did here, in this imperfect space i call my online home.

i had so compartmentalised myself, pushing what i did here into existing in a tiny, tiny space that it became claustrophobic to even think of coming here, let alone writing something and posting it.

now, after a brief time away, i'm beginning to think that i still need this space, but in a different way { that's the power of journaling ... it helps infuse fresh perspective } and i came away with 2 thoughts...

  • i realized that i needed to stop trying to be like those blogs i read.
  • i realized that i needed to stop trying to do things on my blog like those blogs i was trying to emulate.

they do their blog their way.  what i know now is i need not be so rigid in the how and the what i bring to this space because ....i've figured out my why.  phew!

{ this Soul Speak with Grace video to hear about my why }

i share this only to say that..........something new is brewing.

{ remember...fresh perspective }

Choose light and something new

in the above mini-episode of Soul Speak i talk about ..."on choosing light", cause ya know sometimes some things are just a slow dawning.

i'll be sharing a lot more videos with you { like my Soul Speaks }

...and sharing what i know about journaling and how fricking awesome it is { that's Journal Circle }

...and be more consistent in sending out the JLT Notes { aka the old Updates & Happenings newsletter }.

but, but, but...the biggest way i'm authentically choosing to share AND step into my light { cause i know my why! } is thru my new and most passionate calling ... being a life coach  { see * below }.

journaling has always been a part of my life and sharing this awesome and powerful way to discover more of who YOU are is what i'm supposed to be doing.

and life coaching is...well it's who i am meant to be.

remember oprah's what i know for sure?  this is mine.  { cannot tell you how good it feels to say that out loud.  mmmmh! }

so how are you coming into this picture?

for one, there is the Journal Circle, my way to give back and gather with kindreds in community.  we come together on zoom for about an hour and nurture and support and love and journal and art together.  you'll need to register first and then you'll be automatically notified when the next one will take place.

right now it's free to join us in Circle. we're still growing so i'm trying to find the best times for repeating our journal jOY......once a month or every 2 weeks.  and ya know what.....i would love to have you join us.

plus, fill out the form below to join the JOY Love Tribe and begin receiving JLT Notes on a regular.  thanks for being here and for seeing me.  I hope to see much more of you in the coming months.



btw....that cutie in the pic above is our dog cooper.  that face right?

* life coaching has fast become a passion of mine to be able to help women discover and dig deep into who they are in an authentic and supported way, to help find your joy.  right now i'm in training with kate swoboda of your courageous life and am loving this experience, this new adventure { holy smokes the girl goes deep! }.

one of the things we are now doing as trainees is to take on new outside clients.  i'll be offering my coaching services at a discounted rate while i'm in training.  if you find you're in need support around an issue in your life and want to test the coaching waters, i would love to help you gain clarity and focus and heart-centered wholeness.  find out more here.

your gifts & bad-assery {yup, i said it}

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bitsbecause these are a part of the life you live

~ jeanette leblanc ~


i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

After listening to the book "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes these last few days I am blown away by the realization of how many people both famous and regular ordinaries like me have this thing with hiding their light, Shonda Rhimes being one of them. Who the heck knew???? It just goes to show that you can never, ever judge a book by its front cover.

I mean really, look at me, forever in the shadows looking out and only letting the spotlight catch me ever so fleetingly. These last couple of years have been revealing to me in that I realize I won't melt or shrink or even die from exposure (haha). Seriously tho, I knew I wouldn't but the brain is a funny instrument in our lives in how it picks up so well on our insecurities and blows them all out of proportion. We have to work hard at seeing the other more positive side of things more often I think.

I've been figuring out and trying to answer this one question about me the last few years and listening to her book it felt wonderful knowing that I was able to so clearly state in that moment what mine are. Phew! This process has been hard and rocky and stagnant and exasperating had me flailing about at times but it's oh so exciting when I could finally hone in on my soul special gifts. Yes. Yes. Yes, Yes. Yes.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

what are your gifts?

what is it that only you have, that you get to share, that is the awesomeness of you?

if you don't know, your job, today, right now is to go on a quest to find out and proclaim it loudly, often & with intention.  your Soul demands it of you!

know why! cause only you have the gift of YOU.  nobody else is like you, nobody thinks like you do, nobody feels like you do.  know that you are special and be grateful for The Universe blessing you with your gifts, your powerful awesomeness. 

the corresponding mini episode on SOUL speak is about honing in on our Gifts and showing up with some serious bad-assery?  { listen to audio below or click here to watch video }


that’s it for now.



want to read more of my daily snippets? click here

p.s.  i want to share with you a page from the daily om that speaks so beautifully about using your own unique gifts to express yourself and to share with your community.  enjoy the read.


what's your superpower?

{ this week's minisode i talked about my superpower and thought this repost was in order }

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

about 4 years ago perusing some blogs i came across this question...

what's your superpower?

immediate thoughts that came up for me were:

....what the heck is that? ....personal superpower actually exist? i even have a superpower?

in that moment questions, or rather lots of puzzlement came up because i didn't know much about it and that everyone had one, plus, which led to THE question that stuck .....what the heck was mine???  i remember sitting there with that duh look on my face trying to figure out how me and this question fit together.

because it puzzled me so you would think that i went off in search of what my superpower was right? nope. after a couple of days i let the question falter.  i left it by the side of the road where i met it and walked on.  c'est la vie, right?

fast forward to late last year, in my previous mastermind group, this question met up with me again. darn!

What's Your SuperPower?

and lo and behold, as i read the question this time, something immediately popped into my head.

my superpower is being quiet.

what?????  seems since my 1st encounter with that question it must have done some subconscious pondering because i knew.  i just knew.

in the last few months i have been concentrating on a quest i set out to do.  i got it in my head that i want to create a Journaling REVOLUTION, gathering people together and getting them to embrace the awesome power of journaling.

{ click here to hear what my friend liz recorded for me.  so cool! }

it dawned on me superpower and my purpose are beginning to align. { how wonderfully perfectly awesome is that! }.

i want people...ah, scratch that ...i want know that being quiet, getting introspective and reflecting on circumstances, events, thoughts that happen to you and writing about them is one of the most beneficial, empowering, awe inspiring acts of self love you can do for yourself.

to go quiet, to head inward and sit a while; to allow your SOUL center, your inner goddess complete access to your outer reality can help to inform your being on such a deep, magical level it can be....well, orgasmic { yeh, i went there }.  that centerspace is where your superpower reigns.  this is what The JOY Work Circle is about.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = 

being quiet and writing your heartwords.


so...... what's your superpower?

{ leave a comment below, or feel free to email me, to share your thoughts on your brilliant superpower and how SHE helps you be you }

take care,


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daily snippets :: nov 14

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bitsbecause these are a part of the life you live

~ jeanette leblanc ~


i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

events of the last week has led me to some serious introspection on my part. one of my takeaways (among a few others I've been thinking about) is to try to listen better to those with differing opinions.

I did that, really listened to my kids while they were growing up and I think I now need to try to impart that same thinking, on a much bigger scale, to the world I inhabit. It's one of the ways I can continue to contribute as an individual living her life the best she can.

soooo many other thoughts swirling about I cannot contain them all in this journal right now. later, later. maybe I can get them all out but for now, LISTEN better.


= = = = = = = = = = = =


what about you?  are you listening your heart? your intuition? the people around you? the world collective? the planet? how can you, in this very moment as you read these words, allow for more listening to take place within you, around you, by you? 

5 tenets to better listening

i share 5 tenets in this minisode about how to be a better listener (+ I go into more detail on each)

  • be curious
  • stay informed
  • allow for silence
  • be open to possibility
  • trust your intuition

I believe in living these everyday.  The one for me that is most important for my daily sanity is No. 3...allow for silence.

For some this is meditation. for me at times, it literally is about just being quiet.  this means each hour in my day doesn't have to be filled with music or audiobooks or a podcast or talking or working. 

Sometimes the best stuff that comes out of me is when I allow the silence of minutes or an hour to envelop me.  It is me and my creativity, whether at my art table or at my desk ...and golden, beautiful silence.

i invite you to listen to your SOUL whisperings.  make it a daily practice and afterwards, go write your heartwords.

That’s it for now.



the corresponding mini episode on SOUL speak is about listening, or more to the point, how can i be a better listener?  { listen to audio below or click here to watch video }


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daily snippets :: oct 30

create a practice of recording even the boring and mundane bits because these are a part of the life you live

~ jeanette leblanc ~


i’m journaling out loud for 2 reasons: 1. to let you see how easy it is to begin a journaling practice and 2. to challenge you to commit to writing your heartwords daily.  JOIN ME.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

daily snippet

A revelation sitting in sb after a walk in Mount Tabor Park:

Tho I love, love making, don't want to be known for the things I make, i'd rather be known for the lives I've changed. This, my dear journal, is BIG. Finally can see the mountains for the trees & why I never wanted to nor felt comfortable pursuing individual recognition and receive accolades for the art I produced. Makes so so much sense to me now. Only took 20+ yrs to wade thru, of standing on others' shores to realise that's not how I want to sail my boat.

Ahhhh....the magic of being open to both your own truth being revealed and perfect destiny. And.......always striving to live thru authenticity.

Yes. This.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

how did this come about?

sitting in starbucks i started reading the magazine i'd brought with me.  because i'm working on a bringing The JOURNAL Collective to life { my new subscription based journal service coming in November 2016, subscribe below to hear about juicy details }.  i don't get much of a chance to do leisurely reading, it's more researching and editing content these days.  today when hubby suggested a walk in the park then a warm up in a coffee shop after i jumped at the chance to just bring a magazine that i'd been eyeing to finish it.  it's only as i read the words of artist cheryl dossey { in her response to somerset life magazine's challenge } that the proverbial penny dropped.....

"being a mixed media artist, this call roused promising ways to add texture and my work"

don't know why her words resonated the way they did but geez it was like the old v8 tv commercial where the person thunks himself on the head realizing he "should've had a v8 instead" of whatever he was drinking.  i got thunked y'all.

things were that revelatory.

i had no paper with me { yeh, who the heck knew i'd need paper says the paper junkie!!! } so immediately i jumped on evernote, my go-to digital journal, to record my thoughts above.  for the last 7 mths i've been working on repositioning and redirecting my efforts to get them more aligned with my purpose.

in january i'll start a 9 mth program where i'll get he chance to learn the skills needed to fulfill my purpose and out world!

that's it for now.



{ here's a link to a video I recorded as well ... }




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how to have more spectacular ordinary moments

spectacular ordinary moments:  a recap

the other day my daughter { who is on the fast track of adulting right now } came over.  she's been living on her own for the last 3 months, struggling but still doing her thing.

when she comes over i get all giggly and stuff because 1) there's more estrogen in the house, albeit only momentarily,  2) i really love hanging out with her and  3) she gets me { see #1 in this sentence }.

don't you love it when your folks get you?

...cause living with a 15 yr old smack dab in the middle of male hormonal hell { did i write that? ...YES i did! } and a hubby who, without being intentional, is sometimes very decidedly male { there goes #1 again } can make a girl, who definitely appreciates her feminine side, so batty that reverting to my giggly phase when my girl's around somehow lessons the impact of said overflow of testosterone.

so said hubby and i decided the four of us would go out to dinner instead of cooking and that decision inspired what i like to call a "spectacular ordinary moment".

3 Steps from Ordinary to Extraordianry

we talked plenty & laughed at jokes only our family would know, with some howling at one point that i had to remind them there were other patrons around who might not appreciate that what we thought was so spectacularly funny was really not.

after writing in my journal about this experience i remembered a post i wrote about ways to bring in more spectacular ordinary moments and i thought i'd share it again with you cause reminders like this need repeating.  enjoy!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 


how can you turn your ordinary day into something more spectacular?

here are 3 ways you can use to raise the ordinary factor....

1. pay attention

that’s right.  1st….become more aware.  ever so simple right?  it can be the most transformational yet, at the same time, be so darn elusive. but as you go about each day be mindful of your presence, be mindful of your surroundings, be mindful of your thoughts,  be mindful of others.

in this one activity the ordinary we encounter can become the profound.

e.g.  for 5-10 minutes sit and watch a child play.  i mean really watch.  observe how the outside world has little bearing on their interactions with their toys, the dog or a cardboard box.  they are keenly and only aware of themselves and this object that has their attention.

they are more aware in those moments of their intentions and attention but most likely are clueless to this because they don’t have the reasoning capabilities just yet.  as an adult however, you do.  becoming more aware is a skill you can master.

2. let the little things go

things get our goat.  they stick in our craw sometimes.  they try our last bit of patience and, before you know it our energy is sucked dry by something so inconsequential that if you look back you’ll wonder why the thing bothered you so in the 1st place.

let go little bird, let it go.  in choosing to let the small things go you open up all sorts of bigger possibilities { ahhh….. } and allow for more moments of awareness, the kind of awareness that can change your day from bummer gloomy to outright sunshiny & bright or peaceful & content.

for those of us who have not yet made it a practice of letting go { me included sometimes.  shocker right? lol  }, it’s hard to push past that stick-in-craw stuff but …and a BIG but here.

but being concerned with the whys and hows of any given situation, the he said/she saids that go on not to mention all the “crazy” people who you have no control over anyway, all of this is sooo darn counterintuitive to being aware and living a more mindful life.

take a B R E A T H right here.  yes! { plus you’ll miss the darn beauty of those sweet ordinary moments }.

3. create space for extraordinary to happen

by damn this is a good one!

in a nut shell this means Living. In. JOY.   nah…you’re not walking around with a silly happy grin plastered on your face, nor does it mean denying the reality of a situation { sometimes we need to accept and move on people! }.

making space for the extraordinary in your ordinary day means being real with yourself and keeping an open mind despite the crazies that can occur.

if all you ever do is complain or see things from a downward perspective then imagine what you’re telling the Universe.  ick!  instead, be open for the possibility of extraordinary to occur.  and then when it does, smile, say thank you, enjoy your special moment and then tuck it in your pocket { or write it in your journal }.

3 small steps that can bring more awareness to you everyday life.  how brilliant is that!

plus, don’t forget to join the revolution below….the JOURNALING revolution!




Need more help on your journey to extraordinary?  have you tried -ing-ing yet?  whoa! you haven’t??? 

Head over here to download my FREE pdf, "The -Ing Factor", a fun, slap happy way to journal your heartwords or jumpstart your journey using prompts provided for you. Easy right?!

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work/Life balance: declutter


for the month of september my co-host ho'o and i are vlogging about subconscious curating. what you say is that?  check this post and to watch our 1st vlog. this week for work/Life balance we tackle decluttering our spaces, both physically and mentally. watch now.....


how do you declutter your space?

is there a technique you regularly use?

no time to declutter your space?

if not then i suggest first you sit and mentally declutter. as i discussed in the video, 2 of the best ways to declutter is through meditation and/or journaling.  you know which one i want you to try first right?  nope, not journaling.


i want you instead to sit quietly for 5 minutes. yup, just 5.  so you can mentally decompress.  sometimes that 's all that's needed to be able to carry on with tasks and  family & home duties.

now think about this, what if you did this everyday?  just 5 minutes of self-love { that's love directed inward btw }. then go and tackle that closet or those containers of "stuff" sitting wanting attention or that fridge like ho'o suggested.

try it.  sit for 5. then go do some decluttering.  and afterwards.....take another 5 to write in your journal how flipping awesome you feel.  yeh that feeling is what we're after when we choose to declutter and release what is no longer needed.  cause you know...

it's all a work/Life balance afterall.

till next time,


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