About Me

Grace 2017.JPG

Grace, who fervently believes that living from the heART serves the Soul,

...grew up in the Bahamas ….a place that greatly influenced her quest for the unvarnished truth. 

Her mission, with the empowering circles she hosts and the words she writes, is to inspire, to encourage, to empower YOU—as a women, as a friend, as a partner, as a perfectly imperfect human in this crazy world of ours.

She wants to help you excavate, explore and discover all the bits of YOUR authentic soul.


10 things about Grace ….

  • she loves the challenge of the self-discovery process
  • she adores all the colours of the rainbow, but especially the passion colour R E D
  • she loves the total & immediate gratification of painting with watercolours and acrylics
  • she intentionally tries to create spaces of  … meaning … reflection … substance … beauty
  • she adores the stillness & quiet of ordinary days that allows her heart’s purpose to unfold
  • she enjoys all the parts of herself...the quirky, fun-loving, serious, vulnerable, reflective & audacious side
  • she laughs with her whole body in total abandon { no kidding y’all }
  • she is always guided by her touchstones:  … light  …  truth  … JOY
  • for her, authenticity always rules
  • someday she will own a RED barn …and invite everyone in.