Grace Manifesto.png


After going through my own self-discovery process a few years ago, I came to realized that there were things about me that were core to my being.

I discovered that there are values and beliefs about the person that emerged, that go to the heart of who I am. And that my life experiences helped to define the guiding principles I now live by.

To cement these core beliefs I created a life manifesto (see image) that has since evolved into my business philosophy. And oh yeh….it’s definitely who you’ll meet when we talk in person or virtually.


Here’s what I believe…..

Let Authenticity Rule
I believe in the power of authenticity. I believe that this is where your soul truths arise from and, where your strength and your bravery resides.

Your authenticity allows you to stand strong in your power despite the inside upheaval it might cause. It is a part of your internal compass, your intuition and your guiding light. Allow it to hold you. Revel in its power. Show up there…always.


Choose Love 
Self-love that is. Be gentle with yourself. Please, allow any missteps, mistakes or failures roll off your shoulders. Set these blips in the radar aside and instead allow for self compassion and love. 


Give without expecting 
Think more of how you can help and support without expecting in return. Sometimes it's about carrying the load for another, if only for a moment while they right themselves.

Women working together for a common cause, without feeling into expectations of any kind, can move mountains. Literally. And figuratively. 


Scatter JOY Far & Wide & Deep
JOY (like smiles and laughter) is contagious. Once you find your own JOY....choose to let off some sparks so others near you can catch it. 

Don't Hide Your Light
Oh my powerful friend, you have no idea how bright your light can be if all you do is try to hide it.  Let it shine! Let it be a beacon for another to help guide them. And, always, continue on the quest to find out just how brilliant your light can shine.


Be Curious | Be Consistent
In order to learn and rediscover your SELF you must be prepared to dig deep. This will bring up things you are not yet aware of or would rather not acknowledge. Be curious enough to find out and...keep digging. Knowledge. Is. Power. 


Ask “is this right for me"?”
If you are feeling obligated because of another’s needs that don’t fall in line with yours, or feel that something is not right for you, take a moment to step back and reassess. And remember #1…let authenticity rule. Allow your inner guide to steer your your ship.


Be Quiet When Needed
Listen more. Talk less.

…to your inner guides but especially to others. Really listen instead of rushing to respond.


Make  M A G I C  Happen! 
Set your intentions; work for the changes you seek; commit to your own manifestation; let your dreams flow. Then…JUMP baby, jump. Be your own net.

These are my truths, my beliefs.
Also…I believe you have the power to change the world.

What do you believe?