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SELF-love is compassion directed inward

It is a way of directing the mind to take care of the SOUL
so that acceptance and kindness sway true.

The 5 Days of SELF-Love E-course is a way for you to get more fully engaged in connecting with yourself, in order to try and shift your focus into being more empathic and kind to the whole of you.

Moving through these exercises you will gain:

  • a deeper, more profound connection to your innate wisdom
  • more sustained self-compassion
  • reconnection to your inner goddess, that beautiful soul center of you
  • a path to start or renew a journaling practice
  • a celebration and acceptance of all parts of you, light and shadows
My mission in creating these 5 days of introspective work is to show you how to create a continuing practice of self-care and to make time for these moments of SELF-love.

More about the e-course

For 5 consecutive days, you will experience one simple but beautiful lesson of  SELF-love.

And because each lesson takes minimal time to complete, 10- 20 minutes each day at most, your schedule will not be heavily impacted but your engagement in each lesson will allow for a bigger opportunity to dance with Self-Love in individual moments throughout your day.

Each day’s exercise builds one upon the other, guiding you in creating space for yourself while allowing you to take the necessary time you need each day to celebrate you and direct some love inward.


What supplies do you need?

  • A journal
  • Your favourite pen
  • A camera (the camera on your phone will work) plus, you’ll need one more more thing....

An open mind and a willing heart to begin receiving the LOVE you deserve.


NOTE: it's important you choose  a pen you enjoy writing with because that helps make the journaling process so much more enjoyable and accesible



Ready to begin your journey to more SELF-Love?